Key Dates - Assessment and Certification

30/01/2017Provider Registrations for 2017 due at Office
27/02/2017School provider scope and student subject enrolments due to TASC
14/04/2017 to 28/04/2017Term 1 Holidays
30/04/2017Year 10 Student registration information due at TASC
31/05/2017Applications for Tasmanian Certificate of Educational Achievement close
30/06/2017Closing date for requests for interstate and overseas exam centres
30/06/2017Closing date for Assessment Only examination enrolments
7/07/2017Last day to request special disability provisions for pre-existing conditions
10/07/2017 to 21/07/2017Term 2 Holidays
19/07/2017Student Registration forms for Year 11/12 students distributed to schools for completion by students
20/07/2017Expressions of interest in marking opened on the web site
11/08/2017Student Registration forms for Year 11/12 students due at the office of the TASC
11/08/2017TASC Liaison Officers to ensure enrolments in ENL315114, DNC315115, HDS315113 and BHP315116 are up-to-date
14/08/2017Class lists received by schools for checking of enrolment accuracy
14/08/2017Registration forms for Year 10 students enrolled in a TCE course sent to schools
21/08/2017Folders, declaration forms and labels for folios in ENL315114, DNC315115, HDS315113 and BHP315116 are sent to schools and colleges
25/08/2017TASC Liaison Officers have course enrolments as accurate as possible in preparation for timetable development
11/09/2017Written Examination Timetable published
11/09/2017Folders, declaration forms and labels for folios in all remaining subjects sent to schools & colleges
15/09/2017ENL315114 Independent Study due to teachers (in PDF format)
20/09/2017BHP315116 Psychology folios due to teachers (in PDF format)
20/09/2017DNC315115 Dance Choreography and Performance Critical Appraisals due to teachers
20/09/2017HDS315113 Housing and Design folio due to teachers (in PDF format)
22/09/2017Registration forms for Year 10 students studying TASC accredited courses due at the TASC office
2/10/2017 to 13/10/2017Term 3 Holidays
9/10/2017Individual 'Notice of Enrolment' and 'Student Guides to the 2017 Examinations' distributed by schools to students.
9/10/2017Pathway Planning forms sent to non-DoE Year 10 schools
18/10/2017DNC315115 Dance Choregraphy and Performance Choreographic reflections (solo and group) due to teachers
18/10/2017BHS315116 Sociology folio due to teachers (in PDF format)
19/10/2017 to 27/10/2017Drama and Theatre Performance practicals
20/10/2017Last day for change on enrolments using CMS
23/10/2017Material for inclusion in TCEAs due at the TASC office
25/10/2017ARA315116 Art Theory and Criticism folio due to teachers (in PDF format)
25/10/2017CGD315113 Computer Graphics and Design due to teachers (in electronic format)
25/10/2017MED315117 Media Production folio due to teachers
25/10/2017ENW315114 English Writing folio due to teachers (in PDF format)
30/10/2017 to 8/11/2017DNC315115 Dance - Choreography and Performance practicals
31/10/2017Internal results scanner sheets sent to schools & colleges
1/11/2017MSM315115 Music Compositions due to teachers
6/11/2017 to 10/11/2017Language and EALD Oral examinations
6/11/2017ARG315117 Agricultural Systems Folio due to teachers
8/11/2017TEG315115 Technical Graphics due to teachers
9/11/2017Level 3 internal ratings due at TASC office
13/11/2017 to 23/11/2017Written examinations
17/11/2017Ratings check sheets for Level 3 courses sent to schools
23/11/2017Level 1 & 2 internal ratings due at the TASC office
27/11/2017Written paper marking commences
29/11/2017Level 3 ratings checklists with changes due at the TASC office
29/11/2017Ratings check sheets for Level 1 & 2 courses sent to schools
1/12/2017Last day for recognised results to be sent to the TASC office
1/12/2017Ratings in Level 1 & 2 courses from schools without Years 11 or 12 due at the TASC office
1/12/2017Year 10 Pathway Planning forms due at the office of the TASC
5/12/2017 to 11/12/2017Assessment Panel meetings to finalise subject results
6/12/2017VET data submission from RTOs closed for results to be included on student certficates at end of the year
6/12/2017Level 1 & 2 ratings checklists with changes due at the TASC office
19/12/2017Results emailed to students
20/12/2017Results emailed to TASC Liaison Officers or proxies as advised
25/12/2017 to 1/01/2018Office closed for Christmas Break
3/01/2018Closing Date for Year 12 Inspection of Written Material
10/01/2018 to 12/01/2018Year 12 Inspection of Written Material
29/01/2018Closing date for year 11 inspection of script applications

Key Dates TASC 2017 Key Dates TASC 2017
(Updated May 9, 2017)
(Expires Dec 31, 2017)

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