What has happened?

After the Office of Tasmanian Assessment, Standards and Certification (TASC) released results on Tuesday 18 December, a procedural error was identified in the calculation of Tertiary Entrance Scores for some Tasmanian students who had undertaken University of Tasmania High Achiever Program (HAP) and University Connections Program (UCP) units in 2018.

TASC was quick to respond and immediately notified the University who halted their admissions processes.


How did this happen?

A procedural error led to data being incorrectly transposed in the system, and provided to TASC and the University of Tasmania.


Who has it impacted?

All 2215 Tasmanian students who are ATAR eligible have been re-issued with their correct ATAR.

Of those 2215 students, 1608 students had a change to their ATAR ranking

  • 67 students’ ATAR changed up by more than 1 ATAR
  • 38 students’ ATAR changed down by more than 1 ATAR


Can the initial ATAR rankings provided to students be used?

No. Those ATAR rankings were incorrect.


Have university places been affected?

No. The error was identified prior to the University of Tasmania finalising its selection processes for tertiary admissions and scholarships. All work regarding tertiary admissions was halted while the error was investigated.

The University was provided with the re-issued ATAR on Tuesday 18 December and admission processes were re-started on Wednesday 19 December using the new ATAR information. The transfer of Tasmanian ATARs to interstate Tertiary Admissions Centres was not scheduled to occur until late Tuesday evening, and as such, the transfer was not impacted by the error. The correct ATAR rankings will be transferred on Wednesday 19 December.


Who can I talk to about this?

TASC acknowledges the stress which the re-issuing of the ATAR has caused to some students and their families.

A dedicated information line has been set up for those who wish to make contact and discuss their concerns. Students and parents can call (03) 6777 2403 for advice and guidance.


How can I feel confident that my re-issued ATAR results are correct?

All TASC data has been quality assured and ATARs have been subjected to quality assurance by TASC and the University and no further errors have been identified.

Students and the community can have full confidence that all students’ results have been treated with integrity.


What are you doing to stop this in the future?

On Wednesday 19 December, the Minister for Education and Training instructed the Secretary of the Department of Education to initiate an independent audit to understand how Tertiary Entrance Scores for some units and, therefore, incorrect ATAR rankings were issued to prevent such an incident happening again. The audit will investigate the business processes undertaken by the Department in supplying critical data to TASC and the University.