External Assessment Processes Review 2018

The Office of Tasmanian Assessment, Standards and Certification (TASC) has undertaken an independent review of 2017 external assessment processes.

Request for quote

Following a Request for Quote process, independent consultant, John Firth from Victoria was appointed to conduct the Review. John Firth undertook a holistic review incorporating all Terms of Reference (ToR) with particular focus on recruitment processes for sessional staff, operational logistics and timely communications. WLF Advisory & Consultancy were engaged to specifically work on the ToR in relation to determination of what constitutes a marking load and payment rates for sessional staff.

Review findings and recommendations

Both independent consultants provided reports for my consideration which included 20 recommendations from John Firth’s and four recommendations from WLF against the ToR. The reports from both consultants are found below.

I accept in full, all 24 recommendations from both independent consultants. TASC has prepared a response to the review findings.

I thank both independent consultants and TASC stakeholders for their time and expertise in assisting with the conduct of this Review.

Katrina Beams, Executive Officer, TASC

The scope and Terms of Reference for the External assessment processes review were determined following consultation between TASC and key stakeholders.

  • Recruitment processes for sessional staff (including Marking Coordinators, Markers and Examination Supervisor Coordinators)
  • Determination of what constitutes a marking load
  • Payment rates for sessional staff
  • Operational logistics (catering, venue)
  • Timely communications.

The scope of the Review included the requirement to consult with all key stakeholders including those directly involved in the external assessment processes – Marking Coordinators, Markers and Supervisor Coordinators.

These key sessional staff were given the maximum opportunity to contribute through state-wide consultation forums and an online survey.

John Firth also conducted a series of meetings with key stakeholders including the Australian Education Union (AEU), Independent Education Union (IEU), Framework Advisory Council, Principals Reference Group, Tasmanian Association of State School Organisations (TASSO), key staff in the Department of Education who provide support for TASC’s work, and both current and former key staff from TASC involved in the administration of the external assessment processes.

In addition, WLF undertook detailed analysis of historical data and the online survey data in relation to marking loads and payment rates for Markers.