TASC is currently finalising the COVID- 19 safe exam centre plan for 2020 examination centres. This plan will provide information relating to the health policy requirements that will need to be in place to ensure all candidates, school-based staff and TASC supervisors remain safe.

COVID-19 safe exam centre survey

  • Respondent's details

  • School facilities | COVID-19 and examinations

  • Please estimate (based on past experience) the number of rooms that are usually required throughout the examination period.
  • If yes, please outline the specific circumstances and the estimated number of increased exam rooms required.
  • Please indicate if individual exam room/s have more than one entrance and exit point. Are there any additional challenges with the room configuration?
  • Do your facilities have adequate space to ensure examiners can safely provide instructional information to candidates before the examination commences?
  • Please provide additional information if relevant.
  • School based practices | COVID-19 and examinations

  • Please indicate the COVID-19 safe practices currently in place on your campus.
  • Please provide additional practices in place at your school that are not listed above. Provide further information that may be beneficial to inform the COVID-19 safe Exam Centre plan.
  • Does you school have ample hand sanitiser stock to support candidates throughout the written examination period?
  • Students | COVID-19 and examinations

  • Do you have knowledge of any students who are immuncompromised (not currently approved for reasonable adjustments) that may be at risk if new cases of COVID-19 arise during the examination period? If so please provide a list of names and/or an estimate of numbers who may be affected.
  • Do you currently require non-school based students, who attend your campus, to complete a health screen form?
  • Performance examinations | COVID-19 and examinations

  • i.e. are you allowing an audience at school based performances? i.e. Drama and Theatre Performance. Are there any other additional challenges or questions relating to performance examinations?
  • Does your school provide food/refreshments to the marking panel at performance examinations?
  • Does your school provide food/refreshments to an audience at performance examinations?
  • School insight and feedback | COVID-19 and examinations

  • If you have any further information, queries or concerns please provide details below. This information is invaluable to inform the COVID-19 exam safe plan.
  • Please upload any relevant documentation that may be helpful to inform the COVID-19 safe exam centre plan
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