This form is for people who were not a TASC Supervisor in 2018, to register their interest in the role in 2019.

Note: you will need to upload a 2 page Curriculum Vitae relating to the Statement of Duties Selection Criteria and a copy of your Registration to Work with Vulnerable People card.

Invitation to apply to be an exam Supervisor in 2019 - new applicants

If you have not previously been employed by TASC as a Supervisor, please complete the below application form to supervise the 2019 exams.
  • Everyone who has previously worked for TASC has one. If unsure, please leave blank.
  • Please state where you work, or note if you are retired.
    Please select one or more.
  • Selection criteria 1 - Understanding of external assessment rules and guidelines

  • Selection criteria 2 - High level written and oral communication skills

  • Selection criteria 3 - Capacity to meet deadlines

  • Selection criteria 4 - Capacity to adhere to procedures and policies

  • Selection criteria 5 - Commitment to meet confidentiality and security requirements

  • Selection criteria 6 - Receptiveness to receiving feedback, and ability to apply any feedback

  • Supporting documents