Thank you for your interest in working for TASC.

If you did not mark external assessment for TASC in 2017 and are interested in applying, please express your interest using this form.

Note: you will need to upload a CV and a copy of your Registration to Work with Vulnerable People card.

Information about the Marker role can be found in the Marker Statement of Duties. Markers must have current knowledge of the relevant course and criterion based assessment.

More information about the role can be found under the Markers tab on our TASC employment web page.

Invitation to mark in 2018 - new markers

  • First name
  • If retired or working for another organisation, please state this instead.
  • Selection criteria 1 - Demonstrated subject knowledge

    Please select one or more. Marking loads will be predetermined carefully and fairly before marking commences.
  • Selection criteria 2 Capacity to adhere to marking procedures and policies

  • Selection criteria 3 Capacity to meet deadlines

  • Selection criteria 4 - Capacity to work effectively in a team and follow instructions

  • Selection criteria 5 - Commitment to meet confidentiality and security requirements

  • Selection criteria 6 - Receptiveness to receiving feedback, and ability to apply any feedback

  • Supporting documents