Answers to frequently asked questions for schools and senior secondary teachers. More information for providers about TASC’s COVID response is available at 2022 COVID response.

Face-to-face senior secondary course delivery continues in Term 2, 2022 applying the COVID-safe measures outlined in the COVID-safe schools plan (for Term 2) and Years 11 and 12 students will have access to a wide range of courses through Virtual Learning Tasmania and online tutorials in English and Maths. Schools and teachers will continue to work with students to build upon existing knowledge and master skills required.

However, Term 1 showed us that despite the best efforts by all involved, accessing some of the TASC course requirements may be challenging in the current environment. Access further information about continuity of learning and internal assessment on the 2022 COVID response page.

Information for all school sectors about senior secondary course delivery is available from the:

Yes. TASC has made some minor considerations to five (5) courses for 2022.

Specific consideration has been made to courses where meeting TASC work requirements relies on access to external groups, organisations, or activities and/or is impacted by COVID-19 Safe Behaviours and/or Public Health Advice.

Humanities and Social Sciences

The Arts

TASC will continue to monitor the situation and respond as necessary.

Yes. There is currently one (1) course specific adjustment to the external assessment specifications.

The Arts

TASC will continue to monitor the situation and respond as necessary.

As in previous years, TASC is remaining flexible, responding as the need arises to best support students to achieve. We are using the TASC Guiding Principles for Responding to COVID-19 to guide our response and are ensuring we are aligned with Tasmanian Public Health requirements and the COVID-safe schools plan.

Our goal is to ensure longevity in our response to COVID-19, guaranteeing that the 2022 response is sustainable and replicable across years, as required, and that students’ results and TASC certification retains integrity and national comparability.

We are responding in the following ways:

Continuity of learning and internal assessment

  • General advice regarding accessing course content and work requirements has been developed to support teacher informed professional judgment and agency in the delivery and assessment of TASC courses.

Course Specific Considerations

  • Course – specific consideration where meeting TASC work requirements relies on access to external groups, organisations, or activities and/or is impacted by COVID-19 Safe Behaviours and/or Public Health Advice.

External Assessment, Resulting and Certification

  • The reintroduction of the Preliminary Achievement (PA) Guarantee for 2022
  • Course – specific advice where a consideration has resulted in an adjustment to the external assessment specifications.
  • General advice regarding the robust mechanisms used during the external assessment period to ensure all students achieve fair and equitable learning experiences and results.
  • Student specific supports are in place on a case-by-case basis such as reasonable adjustments, folio extensions, medically verified derived ratings, etc.

Access specific information from the 2022 COVID response page.


TASC recognises that course delivery may need to be slightly different to apply the COVID-safe measures and be as flexible as needed in responding to absences.

Schools may need to adjust their usual course scope and sequence to best suit engagement in learning in COVID-safe ways, with safe and equitable access to tools, equipment, instruments, materials and supervision as outlined in the course document.

To minimise the potential for disruption to project and folio work, students may be encouraged to frame inquiry questions to ensure that whatever the circumstances inquiries can be undertaken in COVID-safe ways.

Alternative approaches to meet TASC work requirements may be required to support students to demonstrate their developing knowledge, skills and understanding. TASC is confident that teachers will apply their informed professional judgement and innovative practices to ensure fair and equitable access to learning opportunities that are authentic and provide rich learning opportunities. We recognise that, based on individual student need and current circumstances, alternative approaches may be needed to assessment regimes articulated in course work requirements.  Where alternative approaches have been taken, teachers will adjust (via notation) their Scope and Sequence and/or their Assessment Matrices and records, noting that both the Scope and Sequence and Assessment Records are living documents that are routinely maintained by teachers throughout the year. These documents should be accessible for TASC Quality Assurance processes if required.

Public Health advice is that teachers and students may remove their face masks if required to assist in the communication with someone who is deaf or hearing impaired or if clear enunciation, or visibility of the mouth, is required as part of their employment or training.

If it is essential that a student needs to remove their mask for a learning activity, then they can remove their mask for that activity. Examples include:

  • to play a musical instrument in music courses
  • when creating and performing in character for performance-based courses.

(Note: guidance documents are available for practical components of senior secondary arts courses, including Dance, Drama, Media Arts and Music. See the Years 11 & 12 webpage COVID-19 Advice 2022 under ‘Senior Secondary Courses’ and the relevant Communities of Practice for each Learning Area for discussion.)

Vocational / work placements and school-based apprenticeships can continue with the support of all parties and COVID-safe measures in place.

  • Check the websites above and information sources and contacts provided for your school sector.
  • If you can’t find the answer, talk to your school Principal, Assistant Principal or TASC Liaison Officer (TLO).
  • TASC is continuing regular communication and forums with Principals and TLOs, and TLOs can contact our TASC Liaison Officer to clarify any aspect of senior secondary courses.