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2013 — 2019
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Reading and writing standard
Mathematics standard
Computers and internet standard

This course describes the qualification called the Tasmanian Certificate of Education (TCE)

This qualification is available to all Tasmanians who reach the prescribed standards. The TCE is a qualification for those completing the senior secondary phase of education and training – the first phase of life-long learning after school. To gain this qualification a person must meet or do better than requirements for standards in: everyday adult reading, writing and communication, mathematics, and use of computers and the internet; requirements for amount and level of participation and achievement in education and training; and requirements for pathway planning. People can meet these requirements in different ways, in different settings and over different periods of time. The qualification has been developed in consultation with a wide range of stakeholders including employers, industry bodies, education and training providers, parent and community bodies, schools and colleges. In introducing this qualification the Office of Tasmanian Assessment, Standards and Certification recognises that: too many young Tasmanians are participating and achieving much less than they potentially can in senior secondary education and training; much higher levels of development of skills and knowledge at the senior secondary level (and beyond) are important for the social and economic future of Tasmania and these young Tasmanians; and approaches and practices within senior secondary education and training will be a significant factor in achieving major improvements in rates of participation and achievement. The importance of the Tasmanian Certificate of Education lies in its potential to contribute to these improvements. With community backing, especially from business and industry, it can send powerful signals to young persons and to education and training providers that more and better achievement is important for the social and economic future of these young people and of Tasmania.