As part of your external assessment for a course you may have a written examination, a folio of work, an oral or practical assessment and/or display.

For a detailed timetable relating to oral or practical assessment and/or display, select your course from the courses page and scroll down to the tab called Supporting documents including external assessment material.


Due to teacher 5:00 pm

TASC course code and name

15 September English Literature (ENL315114)
20 September Psychology (BHP315116)
20 September Dance Choreography and Performance (DNC315115):
Critical appraisals
20 September Housing and Design (HDS315113)
18 October Dance Choreography and Performance (DNC315115):
Choreographic reflections (solo and group)
18 October  Sociology (BHS315116)
18 October Student Directed Inquiry (SDI315117)
25 October Art Theory and Criticism (ARA315116)
25 October Agricultural Systems (ARG315117)
25 October Media Production (MED315117)
25 October Computer Graphics and Design (CGD315113)
25 October English Writing (ENW315114)
1 November Music (MSM315115)
8 November Technical Graphics (TEG315115)



TASC course code and name

South 19 October to 1 November

North 19 – 27 October

North West 23 – 27 October

Drama (SDD315115)  and Theatre Performance (SDP315115) practicals
31 October  – 8 November Dance Choreography & Performance (DNC315115)  practicals
6 – 10 November TCE Language Oral Examinations – Individual oral times will be forwarded in Term 4.
6 – 12 November Music (MSM315115)
Individual performance times will be forwarded in Term 4.
13 – 24 November

13 – 24 November

Art Production (ART315117)

Art Studio Practice (ART315214)


31 October – 10 November
To be confirmed
Student Directed Inquiry (SDI315117)