Special provisions for TASC external assessments

Students can apply for special provisions to ensure fair and equitable opportunities to participate in external examinations. A range of provisions are available to eligible applicants based on identified need.

You can apply to be considered for special provisions for your external examinations if you have:

Applications that are relatively straightforward will have outcomes notified soon. Applications that are more complex will take additional time to process and will be notified later.

Each application is considered on evidence provided to TASC.

TASC does not provide special provisions for students for:

  • lack of familiarity with the English language
  • normal exam stress.

Students do not need to apply for special provisions to take an asthma inhaler into an exam. Students need to place the inhaler in a clear zip-lock bag labelled with their name and TASC ID number and hand it to the Supervisor Coordinator before the exam commences.

Refugee Students

Refugee students may access special provisions on the basis of the trauma they have experienced and continue to experience. Special provisions for refugee students are not based on prior lack of access to formal schooling or lack of the English language skills.

With the exception of any English or English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EALD) examination, special provisions for refugee students may include:

  • 1st Year after resettlement: 1 hour of extra time for each examination, consideration for spelling/grammar and borderline consideration, separate supervision and possibly the use of a clarifier (previously known as talking dictionary) if a paper based dictionary is not available.
  • 2nd Year after resettlement: Those who have completed either EALD (Level 3) or another Level 3 English in the previous year can be granted normal extra time (i.e. 30  minutes for a 3 hour examination and 20 minutes for a 2 hour examination), and borderline consideration.
  • 3rd Year after resettlement: Regardless of the completion or lack of EALD or English studies the student can only be granted normal extra time (i.e. 30 minutes for a 3 hour examination and 20 minutes for a 2 hour examination), and borderline consideration. This is the final year that special provisions may be granted to refugee students.
  • Beyond 3rd Year after resettlement: No considerations apply to refugee students. Requests for other special provisions can be submitted using the Applications for special provisions form.