What you can take into your exam


Water must be in a clear plastic bottle that has no adhesive labels (stickers) and has a secure pop-top lid. The bottle can be a maximum of 1500 ml capacity.

No other drinks are allowed into the exam room. You are not allowed to refill your water bottle during the exam or share it with other students.


You may take an officially approved calculator into some external exams. Calculators are not required for all external exams. Calculators can only be used as calculating devices and not as a method of introducing unauthorised information into the exam room.

The rules about the types of calculators that can be used and in which subject are set out in the Policy on Use of Calculators in Exams.


You may use an unannotated single English and/or English/foreign language paper-based dictionary/thesaurus in your exam for any subject. Dictionaries cannot be annotated or highlighted in any way, including using stickers to mark a place. If you do so, you will be subject to penalties, which could include the cancellation of your results.

When you are allowed to bring a dictionary into language exams, they must be monolingual and/ or bilingual paper-based dictionaries.

Students undertaking Japanese are permitted to take two volumes – English/Japanese and Japanese/English (unannotated) into the exam room. This allowance is made for students who do not have a combined dictionary which contains both.

What you cannot take into your exam

  • Mobile phones
  • electronic dictionaries and/or spell checkers
  • subject specific reference books or dictionaries (see exception – languages)
  • programmable (computerised) watches or devices. For example, Apple watch, iPods, MP3 players, mini-disc or CD players, laptop computers, PDAs, iPads, tablets or similar devices
  • loose notes, papers, manuscripts, books, computer disks or notebooks – unless their use during the exam has been permitted
  • any food or drinks, other than water, unless expressly given permission by TASC
  • recording devices of any kind
  • electronic storage media such as USB drives or other proprietary memory cards
  • cameras
  • animals
  • any intoxicating substances
  • pencil cases or pencil bags.

Writing implements must be in a clear sealable plastic bag or clear see-through pencil case

If you take any of these items into an exam you will be in breach of the TCE exam rules. Items will be confiscated and will not be returned until TASC determines if a breach of the exam rule has occurred.

If a penalty applies to your results this could include cancellation of your result for a course.

Exam supervisors have the right to check any material brought into the exam room and remove any unauthorised material. Supervisors are not responsible for the loss of personal property.