A range of initiatives and actions related to the External Assessment Specifications (EAS) occurred throughout February and March 2022. A new set of guidelines have been developed to support the development and ongoing work associated with the External Assessment Specifications (EAS). Following the development of the new guidelines there has been a number of updates to current External Assessment Specifications (outlined below).

  1. New The External Assessment Specification Guidelines
  2. Mark a minute’ – guidance only
  3. External Assessment Specifications Advisory Panel
  4. Updated External Assessment Specifications and Information Sheets

1. The External Assessment Specification Guidelines

The External Assessment Specifications Guidelines were developed to inform the preparation and development of External Assessment Specifications (EAS) to ensure a consistent approach in the structure and design of written exams for TASC accredited Level 3 and 4 courses. The guidelines promote a consistent approach to the writing of future External Assessment Specifications (EAS) as well as providing guidance to update the current EAS.

  • External Assessment Specifications Guidelines
    Please note: This document currently only relates to Written Exams. A review of the requirements and guidelines for Folios and Practical, Performances and Oral Exams is planned for 2023.

2. Numeric ratings – ‘Mark a Minute’ (guidance only)

As outlined in the new External Assessment Specifications Guidelines, a recommendation for Setters and Critics has been made regarding the allocation of marks within an exam paper. As a guide, marks should be assigned in the Exam paper based on approximately one mark per minute of the recommended time. The allocation of marks, and therefore recommended time, for questions should reflect the complexity of the question or task.
This advice has been provided as guidance only to ensure equity across papers and is indicative for students regarding relative time and effort for each question.

3. External Assessment Specifications Advisory Panel (EASAP)

The 2022 External Assessment Specifications Advisory Panel (EASAP) met on Thursday 24 and Friday 25 February to discuss recommended amendments to External Assessment Specifications (EAS). The panel is convened with cross sector representation and includes recommendations from Curriculum Leaders and Marking Coordinators. Please read the External Assessment Specifications (linked below and on the relevant course page) carefully and contact TASC if you require any further information.

4. Updates to the external assessment specification documents fall into three categories:

  • External Assessment Specifications Advisory Panel (EASAP) – minor changes to the External Assessment Specifications required
  • External Assessment Specifications (EAS) Guidelines – minor changes to the external Assessment Specifications required
  • Updated template and formatting – no changes to External Assessment Specifications
  • Information Sheets – minor updates

  • ACC315116 Accounting
    Criterion 6 assessed using an extended alpha rating. The allocation of marks to criteria have been clarified in the EAS.
    Section A: Clarifies that students will be provided with choice.
    Extra sample questions at the back of the EAS have been removed as they are no longer necessary.
    ACC315116 Accounting – External Assessment Specifications


There are only minor updates to a small number of information sheets for 2022. Comprehensive changes to information sheets will require extensive work and lead time and will be undertaken in the future as required.