External Assessment Specifications Advisory Panel (EASAP)

The 2024 External Assessment Specifications Advisory Panel (EASAP) convened on Thursday, 29 February 2024, to discuss feedback and proposed revisions for TASC-accredited Level 3 and Level 4 course External Assessment Specifications (EAS). The panel also discussed feedback received for the courses introduced in 2023 and reviewed the External Assessment Specifications for courses new in 2024.

Please read the External Assessment Specifications (linked below and on the relevant course pages) carefully and contact TASC if you require any further information.

Business Studies BST315116

  • All elements of criterion 3 will now be assessed in Section B.
  • Minor wording change in the EAS: from ‘Cash Flows’ to ‘Cash Budgets’.
  • There will be a reduction of items under the questions in Section B.

Chinese CHN315114 / French FRN315114 / German GRM315114 / Italian ITN315114 / Japanese JPN315114

  • Clarification provided on permitted exam materials. The wording now reads: You may bring any/all of the following printed dictionaries into your exam:
    • a standard English dictionary
    • Unannotated English-[Language] dictionary
    • [Language]-English (paper-based) dictionary/thesaurus.
  • The ‘mark a minute’ policy will no longer be applied to the listening components of the exams. Total marks for Section A will now be out of 48 with an average of 12 marks per text.

English as an Additional Language and or Dialect EAL315120

  • Advice on permitted exam materials has been updated. Students can now bring in any/all of the following:
    • a standard English dictionary
    • Unannotated English-[foreign language] dictionary
    • [Foreign language]-English (paper-based) dictionary/thesaurus.
  • The ‘mark a minute’ policy will no longer be applied to the listening component of the exam or the Texts section. Total marks for Section A will now be out of 42 with an average of 21 marks per text. Section C will now be out of 24 marks with an average of 12 marks per text.

English Literature ENL315114

  • Minor wording changes throughout the text to improve clarity.
  • The EAS now specifies that students need to reference any AI software they use in the development of their folio.

Geography GGY315120

  • The EAS now specifies the elements of criteria 3 and 5 that are assessed in the exam and in each section.
    • The assessed elements for criterion 3 are elements 1, 2, 3 and 4.
    • Section B assesses elements 1, 2, 3, 6 and 7 of criterion 5.
    • Section C assesses elements 1, 4, 5, 6 and 7 of criterion 5.
  • The EAS now states that Section D will consist of five questions instead of three for students to choose from.
  • A smaller data set will be used in place of the larger data sheet – World Population Data.

Legal Studies LST315117

  • Additional information on the nature of questions for Section A and Section C to provide greater clarity for students and teachers.

Mathematics Methods – Foundation MTM315117

  • The linear function graph has been changed from having a negative gradient to a positive gradient on the information sheet.

Music MSM315120

  • Instructions around hardcopy submission of external assessment pieces has been removed and replaced with instructions for digital submission.

Psychology BHP315116

  • Independent Project topic rotation has been updated.
  • Please be aware that the elements for Criterion 1 have been reorganised as follows:
    • Element 6 is now Element 4
    • Element 7 is now Element 6
    • Element 4 is now Element 7.

Sociology BHS315116

  • Numerous inclusions providing greater information on student and teacher rights and responsibilities with regards to ethical processes.
  • Minor inclusions throughout to improve clarity and accessibility.

Sport Science SPT315118

  • The optional question in Section D allowing students to choose their own sporting scenario has been removed.
  • Students will now respond to all questions in Section D with each being assessed out of 10 marks. Students will need to address one link in each question instead of two.

Engineering Design EDN315123 

  • The order of folio tasks has now been changed with the production proposal piece being moved from step 3 to step 5 to better align with the design process.
  • The video component of the externally assessed folio is now an optional task and should only be undertaken by students when it is appropriate to their design product.
  • Mention of specific criteria elements have been removed.
  • APA is the preferred referencing style for this course but other styles are allowed in 2024.

General Mathematics MTG315123 

  • The formatting of the Information Sheet has been updated to improve clarity and accessibility.
  • There will now be five (5) sections to the General Mathematics exam with Criterion 3 having a separate section.

Transdisciplinary Science TDS315123 

  • No changes were made to this document.

Visual Art ART315123

  • ‘Advice to Students’ section has been updated with additional information on external submission requirements.
  • ‘Advice to Examiners’ section has been updated with a clarification on what examiners should do when students do not submit any/all external assessment pieces.