TASC offers providers access to online safety net tests for their Year 12, 13 and past students (with the facilitation of the school).

*Registration opening/closing dates and testing period dates are advertised in the Key Dates calendar and in the TASC Update.

How to register students for online safety net tests

  1. TASC will notify schools when online safety net test windows are approaching, and activate the following TRACS tasks for registration:
    • Online TCE Standard Test – Registration – Mathematics
    • Online TCE Standard Test – Registration – Reading and Writing
  2. During the registration period, schools create a separate task for each test type. All students registering for a particular test should be added to the one task.
  3. Once registrations close and student logins are ready, TASC will upload documentation to the task. This will include detailed instructions for supervisors and students, student logins, and the supervisor report.

Previously, students were registered for tests using Excel templates.

If students are instead added directly to a TRACS task, a link is created that makes the task accessible from each student as well as the school. This improves the visibility of which students have registered for tests and preserves that information in context with the student record.

Because each student’s details already exist in TRACS, this process also removes the need for schools to enter additional data for their students. This will greatly reduce the risk of details not matching across systems, which can cause issues with the validity of student logins.

Registration tasks for online safety net tests can be created in advance of test windows only. These dates are communicated through TASC Updates and TRACS calendar events.

This is most common when the student does not have a current enrolment at your school. Add a communication to the task, advising TASC of the student name and TASC ID. We will investigate and come back to you.

Add a communication explaining what you had intended to do and if necessary, we can correct this.

It is not possible for you to edit the list once the task has been created. Add a communication outlining the change/s you would like to make and we will make the amendments.

Registrations close in advance of test dates. Add a communication and we will do our best to accommodate the changes.