TASC provides regular updates for Principals, TASC Liaison Officers and Sector Heads.

  • TASC Update – 22 November 2018
    2018 Student email registration to receive results, 2018 written exam papers – available tomorrow, Transition plans – Year 10 students, TASC Forums – Save the date
  • TASC update – 8 November 2018
    2018 medical certificates for students unable to attend written exams, Notice of Enrolment, Written examination marking, Outstanding Achievement in VET Awards – nominations close next week Friday 16 November, 2018 Student email registration to receive results, Transition plans – Year 10 students, New TASC Reporting Assessment and Certification System, TASC Forums – Save the Date, Online everyday adult use of computers and the internet safety net test.
  • TASC Update – 24 October 2018
    2018 Student email registration to receive results, 2017/18 TASC Annual Report, Outstanding Achievement in VET Awards, TASC marking, 2018 External assessment language oral examination schedule, Transition plans – Year 10 students, Prescribed Text List for English​ ENG315117
  • TASC Update – 12 October 2018
    2018 Student exam guide, Outstanding Achievement Awards, markers needed, External assessment oral and music timetables, Notice of Enrolments, Transition plans – Year 10 students, Quality assurance meetings, 8 November 2018 test date – Online everyday adult use of computers and the internet safety net test, 2018 Student email registration to receive results
  • TASC Update – 27 September 2018
    Outstanding Achievement Awards, Transition Plan forms and Notice of Enrolment forms, Information sheet for external examinations, English Writing ENW315114 folio guidelines, 2018 student exam guide, External assessment employment, Assigned examination centres, Online everyday adult use of computers and the internet safety net test, Last day to change enrolments in the CMS, Folio checklists, Student email registration to receive 2018 results
  • TASC Update – 13 September 2018
    2018 Written examination timetable, External assessment markers, Request for folio due date extension, Student email registration to receive 2018 results
  • TASC update – 31 August 2018
    TASC Liaison Officer feedback group, External assessment employment – markers needed, Folio declaration forms, Request for folio due date extension, Student registration forms, Student email registration, Adding a recognised qualification
  • TASC update – 17 August 2018
    August Regional Forums, invitation to mark, Drama and Theatre Performance prac exam timetable, QA meetings, student email registration, Everyday Adult use of Computers and the internet safety net tests, student enrolment checks
  • TASC update – 3 August 2018
    August Regional Forums, Marker Coordinators, Student registration, Everyday Adult use of computers and the internet safety net tests, Housing and Design information sheet, Ancient History, TASC Markers
  • TASC update – 23 July 2018
    External Assessment Processes Review, TCE renewal, TASC regional forums, register to receive results via email, Assessment criteria and standard elements, 2018 exam timetable, student registration, safety net tests, Drama and Theatre Performance practical exam dates
  • TASC update – 29 June 2018
    TASC regional forums, online safety net test, English Literature independent study guide update, special provisions, TCEA, student registration, practical exam dates
  • TASC update – 18 June 2018
    CCAFL exams applications due, exam centre criteria, special exam centre applications, direct continuation data, course accreditation functions of TASC
  • TASC update – 1 June 2018 V2
    TCE attainment and direct continuation figures, external assessment special provisions for refugee students, exam critics, Legal Studies course document changes, quality assurance meetings, UTAS survey, TRACS, CCAFL, TCEA
  • TASC update – 18 May 2018
    External assessment processes review, external assessment special provisions, TCE attainment figures, relief teacher claims, aural audio files, complaints process, CCAFL, TCEA
  • TASC update – 3 May 2018
    CCAFL, TCEA, exam critics, special provisions, information sheets
  • TASC update – 13 April 2018
    Exam Critics, TCEA, setting examiners, special provisions, legal studies
  • TASC update – 29 March 2018
    Student enrolment, setting examiners, recently accredited courses, TCEA, relief rate, special provisions
  • TASC update – 16 March 2018
    Regional forums, registration and enrolment, setting examiners, amended courses, TCEA, scope and sequence, learning designs, quality assurance meetings
  • TASC update – 1 March 2018
    Regional forums, registration, external assessment reports, Legal Studies, accredited courses
  • TASC update – 16 February 2018
    Registration, regional forums, scope and Sequence, Learning Designs, Legal Studies, University Connections Program (UCP)
  • TASC update – 5 February 2018
    Registration, course amendments, external assessment specifications, assessment panel reports, regional forums