Thank you for your interest in working for TASC. Each year we employ around 1000 sessional staff to assist with senior secondary external assessment.

Our sessional staff include Setting Examiners, Critics, Supervisor Coordinators, Supervisors, Marking Coordinators, Markers and casual staff.

Sessional staff are employed by TASC, and are managed through the Department of Education’s employment conditions, travel and relief allowances and rates.

Applications are now open for 2022 Marking Coordinators and Markers

Each year, we welcome applications from new and experienced applicants, including educators and former educators who have: 

  • knowledge of Level 3 and 4 course content and criteria 
  • skills and expertise in assessment of folios, orals, practical and written exams 
  • demonstrated organisational and coordination skills 
  • high standards of accuracy 
  • a commitment to TASC values of Connection, Equity, Integrity and Learning. 
 Find out more: 

Marking Coordinator applications are now closed for 2022.

All Marker applications (for prac, oral, written and folios) open Monday 7 March 2022 and all close Friday 17 June 2022

  • Marking Coordinator applications – closed for 2022.
  • Marker applications – complete the Marker application form  (the form link will be removed when all positions are filled)
  • Observer applications – closed for 2022.

Please note:

  • If applicants wish to mark and coordinate, two separate applications are required. PageUp saves applicant details, and will prefill application data where possible (after the first application has been submitted).
  • TASC encourages applicants to apply for folio courses as soon as possible. Applications for these courses close earlier than the other marker positions. Applicants are able and welcome to apply for different marking types within the one application.
Additional Information for Marking Coordinators and Markers for 2022:

Display Courses:

  • Art Production ART315117
  • Art Studio Practice ART315214

Folio Courses:

  • Agricultural Systems AGR315117
  • Art Theory and Criticism ARA315116
  • Computer Graphics and Design CGD315118
  • Dance Choreography and Performance DNC315120
  • English Literature ENL315114
  • English Writing ENW315114
  • First Nations TAS315119
  • Housing and Design HDS315118
  • Media Production MED315117
  • Psychology BHP315116
  • Sociology BHS315116

Oral Courses:

  • Chinese CNH315114
  • English as an Additional Language or Dialect EAL315120
  • French FRN315114
  • German GRM315114
  • Italian ITN315114
  • Japanese JPN315114

Practical Courses:

  • Dance Choreography and Performance DNC315120
  • Drama SDD315120         
  • Music MSM315120
  • Student Directed Inquiry SDI315117
  • Theatre Performance SDP315120

Applications are now open for Supervisor Coordinators and Exam Supervisors

Each year, we welcome applications from new and experienced applicants to administer the end-of-year exams (external assessments) at endorsed Exam Centres around the state in line with TASC’s instructions.

Find out more:

Supervisor Coordinator applications will close on Friday 29 July 2022.
Exam Supervisor applications will close on Friday 2 September 2022.

Training meetings:
  • Supervisor Coordinators are required to attend a training meeting before the exam period. A half day training payment will be made to attendees. A detailed agenda for the meeting will be sent early in October.
  • Exam Supervisors are required to attend a half day training meeting with their Coordinator before the exam period. A half-day training payment will be made to attendees but travel claims cannot be submitted.
2022 applications are now closed for Setting Examiners and Exam Critics.

Every year TASC welcomes applications from new and experienced applicants, including educators and former educators who have: 

  • a deep and broad knowledge of course content (generally five or more years teaching in that topic area) 
  • demonstrated ability to plan and deliver on time 
  • a creative approach to evaluating learning outcomes 
  • skills and expertise in building effective assessment items 
  • analytical and problem-solving skills 
  • excellent written communication skills 
  • the highest standards of accuracy and an affinity for meticulous work 
  • a commitment to TASC values of Connection, Equity, Integrity and Learning. 

To ensure that there is no perceived conflict of interest, you must not be teaching the Level 3 or 4 course in the same year you write or review the exam for that course. 

Find out more:
  • Setting Examiner applications – closed for 2022.
  • Exam Critic applications – closed for 2022.

TASC is using the Department of Education’s PageUp Talent Management Software for the recruitment of our 2022 sessional staff.  TASC is changing to this system as it is more secure and allows TASC to more efficiently manage the processing of the sessional staff applications.  The PageUp system is currently used for Department of Education jobs advertised via the website.

In accordance with the State Service Act 2000 all employees working for TASC must carry out duties in accordance with this the State Service Code of Conduct. In addition, sessional staff must email the following to

If your tax, banking or superannuation details have changed please contact the Department of Education HR department

The payment rates for sessional staff participating in external assessments is set in the Office of Tasmanian Assessment, Standards and Certification (Fees) Regulations 2013 (Schedule 2). The rates are updated on 1 July each year.

See the sessional staff payment rates.

TASC sessional staff receive payments for undertaking their TASC role, which is to be completed in addition to any normal duties they may have at a school.  See ‘Relief reimbursements’ below for more information about when relief claims can be made.

Sessional staff can submit claims for travel, transport and accommodation allowances/reimbursements directly related to work for TASC.

If you are making a claim, there are steps you need to complete before, during and after your travel.

Details on what can (and cannot) be reimbursed and the steps to make a claim are detailed at Travel and accommodation claims.

What claims will TASC pay?

TASC will pay a claim when a school has employed a relief teacher to allow Sessional Staff to participate in:

  • Marking Coordinator meetings
  • Marker meetings
  • Supervisor Coordinator meetings
  • Discrepancy Panel meetings for folio, oral and practical assessments
  • Assessment Panel meetings for written exams
  • Panel Marking for practical, oral and folio assessments
  • Critic and Setting Examiner meetings at TASC
  • External Assessment Specifications Advisory Panel meetings.

TASC will not pay claims when a school or college has employed a relief teacher:

  • to allow Sessional Staff to participate in setting, critiquing or marking written exams or individual folios(whether at an official marking centre or not)
  • for non-timetabled classes or activities, such as recess and lunchtimes
  • for days or times when the Sessional Staff were not normally employed.

TASC will not pay claims directly to individual teachers or when Sessional Staff did not attend the scheduled training or meeting.

How much will TASC reimburse?

TASC will pay the hourly rate for a Band I Level 13 Relief Teacher according to the Department of Education Salary Scales on the day of employment, to the maximum claimable hours for relief of five hours per day per teacher.

How do schools make a claim?

To make a relief claim, schools and colleges must:

  • complete the TASC Relief Claim Form
  • include a copy of each Sessional Staff’s teaching timetable
  • issue a Tax Invoice to TASC or raise a Journal Transfer Request Form (if DoE) for the amount calculated on the Relief Claim Form
  • email all documents to

Further information is available in the TASC Relief Claim Guidelines for Sessional Staff.

If you are interested in temporary work assisting with office administration, please add yourself to the Department of Education – Fixed Term and Relief Employment Register roles:

  • Clerical Assistant (Office of Tasmanian Assessment Standards and Certification) – Band 1
  • Administrative Assistant (out of schools) – Band 2.