We understand that some Setting Examiners, Critics, Markers, Marking Coordinators, Supervisors and Supervisor Coordinators will need to travel to attend compulsory TASC meetings.  Markers, Marking Coordinators may also need to travel to TASC marking centres.

Meetings will be arranged to accommodate travel time and online meetings will be used wherever possible to reduce the need for travel.

It is an expectation that sessional staff will only claim allowances directly related to the time taken to travel to and from work for TASC. 

  • A meal allowance while travelling (no tax receipt is required by TASC however you may need to retain copies of your receipts under ATO travel allowance/income ruling):
    • dinner and breakfast are paid for an overnight stay (at the overnight rate) unless these are included in the accommodation deal (and the accommodation component of the bill exceeds the allowance).
    • a lunch allowance (at the overnight rate) may be paid where travel times align with the schedule of allowances and the work has necessitated travel (or ongoing work) over the uncatered lunch period (this is not common).
  • An overnight accommodation allowance where necessary to attend a TASC compulsory meeting:
    • a copy of your receipt must be provided to TASC (you may need to retain copies of your receipts under ATO travel allowance/income ruling).
  • The time taken to travel to compulsory TASC meetings (or exam centres for Markers).
  • Daily lunch allowance for same day travel.
  • Lunch on a day where the meeting has been catered for.
  • Lunch on a day when there is no TASC meeting (compulsory meeting or exam centre gathering).
  • Costs associated with accommodation and travel if the TASC meeting (or marking centre) is close to your place of employment.

TASC has expectations regarding reimbursements paid for vehicle hire and private motor vehicle use when attending compulsory meetings:

  • Sessional staff are expected to use work cars and travel with other employees wherever possible. DoE teachers can access corporate pool cars from are Hobart City Pool Cars (Melville Street and Campbell Street) and Letitia House. Southern-based Independent and Catholic School teachers can contact TASC to book a DoE corporate pool car.
  • TASC can arrange an AVIS hire car for sessional staff travel (view Avis office locations, then specify pick up times and locations using the Vehicle Hire Approval Form). Please be mindful that we are charged in 24 hour blocks.
  • If (and only if) work pool cars, car pooling or AVIS hire cannot be arranged, sessional staff can use their own vehicle and be reimbursed using the Application to provide private motor vehicle form and Travel Reimbursement of Expenses Claim Form. Please note approval for applications to provide private motor vehicle forms expire after 12 months.
  • TASC will reimburse for travel if you travel more than 60kms from your normal place of employment.


TASC sessional staff are considered ‘occasional users’ and therefore an allowance shall be paid in accordance with the following current Department of Education allowances:

Cents per kilometre Cents per kilometre
Rate 3 (2 litres and above) Rate 4 (less than 2 litres)
First 10 000 kms 53.50 46.01

Any additional kms





Motorcycles – the rate for motorcycles is 9.67 cents per kilometre.

Other transport expenses (receipts essential)

If you are claiming for fuel or parking as part of your Travel Reimbursement of Expenses Claim, the official receipts with an ABN must be provided. Please note that fuel expenses cannot be claimed if you are using a private motor vehicle and accessing the per-kilometre rate.

Additional information is available in the schedule of allowances.

Please note you can only claim up to the set allowance amounts, not reimbursement of actual costs.

  1. Before you travel:
  • If you are going to use your own car for the travel, complete the Application to provide private motor vehicle form so you can be approved to use your car for work-related purposes.
  • Submit the form to accounts@tasc.tas.gov.au. We will email you to advise if it is approved.
  • This step must happen before we can process your travel claim. Do not submit your travel claim until you are advised your private car use is approved as this could mean that your travel claim is not approved and you will not be paid.
  1. When you travel:
  • Keep details of your travel (including times, kilometres travelled and meals). We recommend filling in the Travel Diary as you go. The Travel Diary is part of the Travel Reimbursement of Claims form (it is the second tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet) and needs to be submitted when you make your travel claim.
  • Keep copies of all your receipts/tax invoices.  Your receipts for accommodation and any incidental expenses will need to be submitted when you make your travel claim. (TASC does not need to see copies of meal receipts for meal allowance whilst travelling overnight or away from your normal work location if more than 60kms away).  However, the Australian Taxation Office may require you to keep all travel receipts.
  1. Making your travel claim:
  • Submit your travel claim after you have travelled (within 20 days).
  • Use the Travel Reimbursement of Claims form (Excel spreadsheet with two tabs):
    • Make sure you have completed the ‘Travel Diary’ (the second tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet)
    • Complete the ‘Travel Advance/Reimbursement of Expenses’ (the first tab in the spreadsheet). Do not alter the accommodation and meal allowance amounts. If claiming for private car usage, use the kilometre rate from your approved Application to provide a private vehicle.
  • Submit the form to accounts@tasc.tas.gov.au with all receipts for accommodation and any incidental expenses attached. (Meal receipts are not required).

Note, if any of the above has not been followed or documents are not attached, your claim cannot be processed in a timely manner.