These reports provide data about student retention and attainment from Year 10 to Year 12 in Tasmania.

School level attainment profiles and direct continuation data are available by school below. The reports are accurate at the time of production and based on information provided by the school.

Explanatory documents are available to support interpretation of the data profiles. These are available at Supporting documents at the bottom of this page or are attached to the individual school reports.

Direct continuation data for students in Year 10 is available for those schools with at least 5 students, with data showing their subsequent participation and attainment in Years 11 and 12, irrespective of whether they studied in a Tasmanian school or registered training organisation.

 School list

The Senior Secondary Attainment Profiles and Direct Continuation Reports are only one aspect of the information that could be taken into consideration in forming a view about school performance. Links to a school’s My School profile page and to their website are provided for broader information about their school community. Contextual measures are provided within the reports, such as the social-economic profile of the student population.

The reports include measures that may fluctuate, particularly when reporting on small numbers of students. Comparisons of a school’s outcomes with those for the state, sector or other schools may be less relevant than focusing on the outcomes within an individual school over time.

Reflecting that the reports cannot provide meaningful comparisons, schools are requested to not use the report content to make comparisons of their individual school performance compared to another individual school in any marketing or public materials.

If schools use the material from their own report, acknowledge TASC: “Source: REPORT NAME – Tasmanian Assessment, Standards and Certification”.