TCE credit points
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Course span
2023 — 2027
Reading and writing standard
Mathematics standard
Computers and internet standard
This course was delivered in 2023. Use A-Z Courses to find the current version (if available).

English Inquiry Level 2 is designed for learners who wish to consolidate and develop their knowledge, skills and understanding of English, by making purposeful connections with transdisciplinary texts from English as the primary discipline and a range of other disciplines

The course offers students opportunities for agency, and to enjoy language and be empowered as competent, confident and engaged users of English for a variety of purposes through inquiry-based learning. Learners develop their language, literacy and literary skills through transdisciplinary study of English, providing them with the skills to succeed in a wide range of post-secondary pathways. Through engaging with a range of short, contemporary transdisciplinary texts students will learn about how language works to communicate meaning, language that persuades and representations of national or local issues. Learners will do this by responding to a range of transdisciplinary texts, creating texts for different purposes, contexts and audiences, and investigating a national or local issue of interest through an individual negotiated study.