See the TCE credit points for current courses available in Tasmania using our TCE course planner

Check with your school which courses they are offering, or use the Year 11 and 12 Course Guide to see the courses on offer at schools across Tasmania.

Use the TCE course planner to see the number of TCE credit points you could achieve for your program of study and if your selected courses will meet the ‘everyday adult’ TCE standards.

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Calculating TCE credit points for VET units

Full VET qualifications are listed in the TCE course planner. As a qualification can be made up of a mix of different Units, there is no TCE credit point value allocated to the full qualification. Instead, credit point values are displayed for the individual units of competency that contribute to the qualification.

To find the TCE credit point value, enter each of the units you will be completing into the planner. You can search by the unit code provided by your registered training organisation (RTO), or by title.

Step by step information about how to use the TCE course planner for VET Units is available on page 8 of the VET Recognition in the TCE Guidebook.

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