University entrance and the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR)

The ATAR is used by Australian universities to allocate places to students.

In Tasmania, it is the responsibility of the University of Tasmania to determine what courses count towards your ATAR.

More information about university entrance is available on the University of Tasmania’s website

If you believe you should have received an ATAR but haven’t please use this form (available soon).

In Tasmania, to be eligible for an ATAR you must:

• have completed two years of post-Year 10 study (Year 11, Year 12 or Year 13)

• have completed satisfactorily at least four TASC Level 3 or Level 4 courses

• have completed at least three TASC Level 3 or Level 4 courses in your final year of study (either Year 12 or Year 13)

• have met the standards to be awarded a TCE.