TCE credit points
Course code
Course span
2023 — 2027
Reading and writing standard
Mathematics standard
Computers and internet standard
This course was delivered in 2023. Use A-Z Courses to find the current version (if available).

Numeracy Level 1 is designed to develop learners’ foundational numeracy and mathematical skills and their ability to apply mathematical thinking and reasoning in real world contexts

In doing so, the course enables learners to understand how mathematical tools can support them to understand and take informed action in familiar and personally relevant contexts. Providers will tailor the learning activities to support the individual needs of learners in this course. This course enables learners to use basic number skills independently in situations involving money, routine fractions, decimals and percentages; recognise and interpret patterns, shapes, maps and plans; estimate, calculate, measure and solve problems involving time, temperature, length, perimeter, mass, volume and capacity; understand the likelihood of chance events and engage with information found in tables, graphs and charts. Learners will develop their numeracy skills by exploring mathematical concepts using practical examples and materials. They will also share mathematical strategies and solutions with their peers, practise new skills and engage in discussions about their learning.