TCE credit points
Course code
Course span
2024 — 2028
Reading and writing standard
Mathematics standard
Computers and internet standard
This course will not commence until 2024.

The Digital Technologies Level 2 course introduces learners to digital systems, security, user design and programming

There is a focus on the interactions and impacts of digital technology in today’s world. In this course learners will: develop programming skills in making apps or games or in programming machines such as robots and drones; undertake a project or a series of small projects focused on user design; develop skills in critical, creative, computational and algorithmic thinking; work individually and collaboratively to solve problems; use real-world project management and problem-solving skills; learn how to apply ‘safe by design’ principles; apply STEM knowledge and competencies to investigate an existing challenge or need; investigate ethical issues such as privacy and security in the digital world. Digital Technologies Level 2 is a foundation course suitable for learners with an interest in technology. This course builds highly desirable digital skills, knowledge and understanding that can be applied in a wide range of future learning and workplace contexts. It also provides the foundation for those interested in pursuing vocational education or Level 3 courses in Technology fields. Learners will achieve the Everyday adult standard in the use of computers and the internet upon the attainment of a Satisfactory Achievement (SA) award or higher.