TRACS – supporting students to achieve

The Office of TASC is pleased to announce that TASC’s new Reporting, Assessment and Certification System (TRACS) is available for use.

TRACS is available at

TRACS is a complete student management system,  used by the Office of TASC (TASC) to manage student assessment and certification data and to support the management of Tasmanian Secondary School results.

For schools, TRACS streamlines the management of student information and results through a contemporary portal.  It is easy to use and simplifies the process for schools registration, scope submission, correspondence and management of student data.


Please see FAQ below, video link and updates via the information below:

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What is TRACS?

TRACS (TASC Registration, Assessment and Certification System) is the Office of TASC’s system for managing student administration, examination and certification data.

TRACS replaces the Office of TASC’s current system, and creates a robust system and enduring legacy for the management of secondary student information now and in the future.

Why is TRACS needed?

In 2017, the Office of TASC identified the need to transition its student management system to a modern platform that would guarantee the effective management of student administration, examination and certification data into the future.

TRACS was created in partnership between the Department of Education and TASC with input from the teaching and school community.

Its goal is to modernise and simplify processes relating to student administration, examination and certification and enable schools more time with students.

TRACS is a single place for schools to communicate with the Office of TASC and will allow schools to track their interaction with TASC and see progress of enquiries.

What does TRACS do?

There are six key features of TRACS.

  1. TRACS portal – an online communication platform that makes it easy for schools to communicate with the Office and track and manage student information and data (such as enrolment and results) and streamlines many of the processes and tasks schools currently complete.
  2. TRACS central database – an online database that securely manages student, school and teacher information and is the source of identity data for all students registered with TASC in Tasmania.
  3. TRACS customer relationship management system – an online system that cleverly manages all the interactions, data and assessment information about students, making it easy to extract and have access to up to date information throughout the year.
  4. TRACS exam control centre – an online system which combines all of the practical planning for exams including developing papers, managing exam centres, markers, supervisors and numbers of students sitting exams.
  5. TRACS assessment database – an online database where assessment data for all students is entered and used to formulate results for TASC certificates and qualifications.
  6. TRACS reporting – a system with capability to manage student data for senior secondary attainment and other government reporting including a new business intelligence reporting ability, ensuring continued reliability and integrity of all TASC data

When will TRACS be available?

Stage 1 of TRACS is available.

Stage 1 includes the release of features one, two and three – the TRACS portal, the TRACS central database and the TRACS customer relationship management system.

Stage 2, which is anticipated to be released from mid 2019, will include the release of features four, five and six – the TRACS exam control centre, the TRACS assessment database and TRACS reporting.

Who will use TRACS?

Staff in schools, and registered training organisations (RTOs), who currently work and communicate with the Office of TASC for the management of data, assessment and certification of senior secondary students in Tasmania are the main users of TRACS.

Principals and TASC Liaison Officers, and staff in schools that support TASC processes are the people most frequently using TRACS.

About TRACS Superusers

School Superusers are staff members who schools have identified as having a key role within TRACS.

Superusers include TASC Liaison Officers (TLOs), Principals, administration staff and IT staff who manage or are involved in school registration, scope, enrolling students (in non-government schools) and communicating with the Office of TASC.

When can I start using TRACS?

Stage 1 of TRACS is available.

Training will be available for all TRACS users prior to launch. There Targeted training resources will be available online -these will assist users from schools, RTOs and UTAS to perform key functions within TRACS.

What training and support is available?

All TRACS Superusers have had the opportunity to receive face-to-face training and access online information. TRACS Superusers are staff that a school has identified as the main users of TRACS such as TASC Liaison Officers and other individuals identified by a school (assistant principals, IT and administrative staff)  using the system on a regular basis.

Training and support is available for schools to explain the functions of TRACS as well as login and system-use information including how to manage student data in the school setting.

Online resources, including ‘how to’ videos and checklists are available to all users . The Office of TASC will provide ongoing technical assistance and support for all schools and users of TRACS.

Please contact the Office of TASC on 03 6165 6000 for more information.