If you are a provider of formal learning, you can apply for formal qualifications to be recognised by TASC so they contribute towards the Tasmanian Certificate of Education.

Recognised formal learning is either delivered via a structured program or has a formal assessment (such as an exam) that leads to a qualification.

Apply for recognition for formal learning

To apply for recognition, you must:

  • be the copyright holder of the program (or, if you are a licensed provider, you must show official evidence of the copyright holder’s endorsement of the application)
  • issue a qualification recognising the completion of a course or the level of competency demonstrated
  • deliver learning that meets the prerequisites:
    • it has an educational aim appropriate for students in the senior secondary years of education in Tasmania
    • it includes identifiable generic skills. For example, communication skills, group work, problem solving skills.

For more information and to discuss the criteria and application process, contact the Recognition Team on (03) 6165 6000 or recognition@tasc.tas.gov.au.

Comment on request for recognition of formal learning

Comment period closed: TASC received an application to recognise Pony Club Australia’s Leadership Certificate. Preliminary analysis of the application was made available with feedback to sent to recognition@tasc.tas.gov.au by 25 January 2024.