Course accreditation

Under the Tasmanian Assessment, Standards and Certification Act 2003, TASC accredits and sets standards for senior secondary courses in Tasmania. This ensures the quality and integrity of qualifications.

For information about new and revised accredited courses for each year, see the pages ‘Courses accredited from Year’ in the page menu above.

The TASC Course accreditation policy outlines the scope and requirements of course accreditation.

Courses are accredited in accordance with the priorities and standards outlined in the Senior secondary accreditation framework.

The Accreditation Advisory Group (AAG) provides advice and support to the Deputy Director, TASC in relation to senior secondary courses, in line with the AAG Terms of Reference. The AAG considers submissions for the accreditation of new courses, requests for amendments to existing courses, courses submitted for accreditation renewal, and the cancelation of courses. AAG recommendations then inform the decisions regarding such matters.