Newly accredited courses

Senior secondary courses accredited for 2023 delivery:

Course nameLevelNew contemporary /
evolution of previous course
Everyday Adult Standard*
Arts (ART115123)Level 1evolution of previous course
Biology (BIO215123)Level 2evolution of previous course
Chinese (CHN215123)Level 2evolution of previous course
Contemporary Music and Songwriting (CMS215123)Level 2evolution of previous course
Digital Projects (DGP115123)Level 1new contemporary course
Engineering Design (EDN315123)Level 3new contemporary course
English Inquiry (ENT115123)Level 1new contemporary course
English Inquiry (ENT215123)Level 2new contemporary courseReading, Writing and Communication (in English)
Essential Mathematics – Personal (MEP215123)Level 2new contemporary courseMathematics
Essential Mathematics – Workplace (MEW215123)Level 2new contemporary courseMathematics
French (FRN215123)Level 2evolution of previous course
General Mathematics (MTG215123)Level 2evolution of previous courseMathematics
General Mathematics (MTG315123)Level 3evolution of previous courseMathematics
German (GRM215123)Level 2evolution of previous course
Italian (ITN215123)Level 2evolution of previous course
Japanese (JPN215123)Level 2evolution of previous course
Mathematics (MAT115123)Level 1new contemporary course
Numeracy (NUM115123)Level 1new contemporary course
Transdisciplinary Science (TDS315123)Level 3new contemporary course
Visual Art (ART215123)Level 2evolution of previous course
Visual Art (ART315123)Level 3evolution of previous course
(list current as at April 2022)
* Students must achieve a Satisfactory Achievement or higher in a relevant course to meet the Everyday Adult Standards.

The Course Documents for these future courses are available in the same format as current courses on the TASC website. See the information about How to find a course.

Courses being replaced

Courses being replaced (no longer offered)Evolutions of previous courses
(being delivered in 2023 onwards)
Dance the Basic Moves Level 1 (DNC110120)
Art Making Level 1 (ART110117)
Arts Level 1
Life Sciences Level 2 (LSC215120)Biology Level 2
Chinese – Foundation Level 2 (CHN215114)Chinese Level 2
Contemporary Music Level 2 (MSC215117)Contemporary Music and Songwriting Level 2
Basic Computing Level 1 (ICT110114)Digital Projects Level 1
Workplace Maths Level 2 (MTW215120)Essential Mathematics – Workplace Level 2
Essential Mathematics – Personal Level 2
French – Foundation Level 2 (FRN215114)French Level 2
General Mathematics – Foundation Level 2 (MTG215114)General Mathematics Level 2
General Mathematics Level 3 (MTG315120)General Mathematics Level 3
German – Foundation Level 2 (GRM215114)German Level 2
Italian – Foundation Level 2 (ITN215114)Italian Level 2
Japanese – Foundation Level 2 (JPN215114)Japanese Level 2
Everyday Maths Level 1 (MTE110114)Mathematics Level 1
Visual Arts Level 2 (ART215117)Visual Arts Level 2
Art Production Level 3 (ART315117)Visual Arts Level 3
Practical English Level 1 (ENG110114)English Inquiry Level 1
English Applied Level 2 (ENA215114)English Inquiry Level 2

Courses being renewed

Expiring courses to be renewed for 12 months
(to ensure continuity of provision)
Expiring courses being renewed
Exploring Issues in Society Level 2 (BHF215116)Drama Foundations Level 2 (SDS215117)
Making Moral Decisions Level 2 (RLP205120)English as a Additional Language or Dialect Level 3 (EAL315120)
Outdoor Education Level 2 (OXP215118)First Nations Studies Level 3 (TAS315119)
Outdoor Experiences Level 1 (OXP105118)History and the Environment Level 2 (HAE215120)
Outdoor Leadership Level 3 (OXP315118)Music Ensemble Level 2 (MSM205120)
Personal Care Level 1 (PER110118)Music Studies Level 2 (MSS215120)
Religion in Society Level 2 (RLP215120)Music Technology Projects – Foundation Level 2 (AUD215120)
Studies of Religion Level 3 (REL315116)Music Theatre Level 2 (MUT215120)
Technical Theatre Production Level 2 (SDT215120)
Theatre Performance Level 3 (SDP315120)

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