TASC issues senior secondary qualifications – including the TCE – to Tasmanian learners based on final results reported by course providers (and external assessment results in Level 3 and 4 courses). Quality assurance is needed to ensure the validity, reliability and integrity of the qualifications we issue. The value of TASC-issued qualifications and the confidence the Tasmanian public can place in them is maintained and enhanced by quality assurance.

In addition to TASC’s internal quality assurance mechanisms we require schools, colleges and other providers of TASC-accredited courses to register with TASC and agree to active involvement in a variety of quality assurance activities.

TASC’s quality assurance mechanisms include: audits; quality assurance meetings; and regional workshops. In addition to checking compliance with the 10 Standards for Providers, TASC quality assurance processes have a focus on supporting schools and colleges in their continuous improvement of course delivery and assessment. TASC has developed tools to assist schools and teachers understand Quality Assurance processes and requirements.

For a summary of TASC’s quality assurance methodologies and underpinning principles, see An Overview of TASC Quality Assurance.