TASC visits schools to carry out audits to quality assure delivery and assessment systems, and the processes and procedures used by schools.

If TASC plans to audit your school, you will be contacted and provided with advice on how to prepare for your audit.

Auditing principles

The following auditing principles underpin TASC school audits:

  • systematic
  • outcomes focused
  • evidence based
  • flexible
  • focus on continuous improvement
  • fair, open and transparent.

Auditing standards and evidence

TASC audits are conducted against defined and published standards. As a school offering TASC accredited courses, you will be asked to present evidence to demonstrate your compliance with the standards, and your ability to maintain those standards.

The delivery and assessment of courses is audited against four common standards.

  1. All the knowledge, skills and experiences outlined in the course documents have been delivered to students.
  2. Individual students receiving qualifications relating to the course have been exposed to the knowledge, skills and experiences that comprise the course.
  3. Assessment tools and their associated marking guides and rubrics for making assessment judgments reflect the documented standards of the course.
  4. Successful students have met all of the assessment requirements for the course.

Courses with enhanced audit models (as noted in the quality assurance section of individual courses) are also audited against one or both of the following additional standards:

  •    archived samples of individual students’ work that illustrates the borderline between that judged as a pass/SA, or not.
  •    relationship to the Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF).

View the Audit Model Information Kit (PDF).