What are TASC audits?

Audits are evidence-based investigations of documents and processes. TASC uses two auditing approaches:

  1. During desktop audits TASC asks course providers to supply documents and materials for review. TASC then gives the schools and colleges formal feedback. (TASC continues to improve the usability and clarity of desktop audit report templates – see the survey findings informing the current report template.)

  2. During site-visit audits TASC representatives visit schools and colleges to view teaching and learning materials and have face-to-face discussions about the evidence presented. TASC then gives the provider formal feedback.

How does TASC approach auditing?

While participating in an audit can seem intimidating, schools and colleges should be assured that TASC is focused on supporting continuous improvement. Audits are conducted in a fair, open, and transparent manner. TASC encourages providers to reach out if they have questions about the auditing process or support options available.

TASC audits are underpinned by the following auditing principles:

  • systematic
  • outcomes focused
  • evidence based
  • flexible
  • focus on continuous improvement
  • fair, open and transparent.