Audits are evidence-based investigations of documents and processes.

TASC uses two general approaches to audit:

  • desktop audits – course providers are asked to supply documents and materials to TASC. TASC undertakes a review of the materials and gives formal feedback to schools and colleges.

As part of our continuous improvement processes we have recently undertaken a survey about the usability and clarity of the new desktop audit report templates we introduced in 2020. You can view the survey report here. Suggestions and recommendations have been incorporated into refined report templates that we will use this year

  • site-visit audits – TASC representatives visit schools and colleges to view teaching and learning materials and hold face-to-face discussions about the evidence presented. Formal feedback is given to the provider by TASC.

TASC audits are underpinned by the following auditing principles:

  • systematic
  • outcomes focused
  • evidence based
  • flexible
  • focus on continuous improvement
  • fair, open and transparent.