The regional workshop approach has been developed to especially assist schools new to the Tasmanian senior secondary sector. They have a focus on capacity building and continuous improvement.

Providers from a select geographic area are required to send representatives and materials to a TASC Quality Assurance Regional Workshop.

Through guided self-evaluation processes representatives review the materials they have brought to the workshop, and note the positive features they see and any areas requiring further consideration. These notations are refined into a school/college Quality Assurance Improvement Plan that is later lodged with TASC.

The Quality Assurance Improvement Plan informs continuous improvement at the school level and is used by TASC as a reference point in other quality assurance processes.

The regional workshop mechanism also allows for participating schools to build and enhance their interactions and networks with other TASC course providers nearby.

TASC Quality Assurance Regional Workshops:

  • North West Regional Workshop 2020 – to be advised
  • Northern Regional Workshop 2020 – to be advised
  • Southern Regional Workshop 2020 – to be advised.