2023 course review process and survey outcomes

Senior Secondary Provision (DECYP) and TASC collaborated to review the feedback provided during the Phase 1: Preliminary Course Review Process and the TASC Course Survey in 2023. This review has addressed immediate and high-risk issues with course delivery that included any inaccuracies, misalignment in complexity and inability to deliver and/or execute content or assessment.

Details of the course amendments is available from the Years 9-12 website (in the Learning Area section course accordion). Direct links to the information sheets about the feedback and amendments to each 2022/2023 newly accredited course is also provided below in Learning Area order:

From late January 2024, updated course documents including the course amendments will be available on the TASC website at Courses.

New and revised courses and amendments to accredited courses

For information about new and revised accredited courses for each year, see the pages ‘Courses accredited from Year’ in the page menu above.

Requests for amendments to TASC accredited courses are undertaken by Senior Secondary Provision, Department for Education, Children and Young People. Please email seniorsecondaryprovision@decyp.tas.gov.au with your specific request.