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2016 — 2025
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Psychology, as the scientific study of behaviour in humans, has undergone a rapid expansion in knowledge, particularly in the sub-fields of neuroscience and cognition, fuelled by the emergence of new interdisciplinary approaches, advances in imaging technologies and a broader public interest in applications of psychology

In Psychology Level 3 learners explore complex human behaviours and thought processes. They are given the opportunity to apply psychological principles to real life situations. Psychology provides them with a sophisticated framework for understanding the complex interactions between the biological, behavioural, cognitive and socio-cultural factors that influence thought, emotions and behaviour. The study assists learners to develop effective language skills for communication, and numeracy skills for research, data analysis and other applications. In addition, they develop a range of broader skills including those of problem solving, critical evaluation and the application of processes of scientific inquiry. Learners are better able to assess psychological challenges that arise in their own environment and across their own lifespan, particularly in relation to personal development, good health, mental wellbeing, social interaction, communication and lifelong learning. The study of Psychology can lead to opportunities in a range of careers and tertiary study.