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2016 — 2024
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Sociology Level 3 is a vehicle for understanding human behavior, social structures and cultures

It directs attention to the way in which the parts of society are related, and the causes and impact of social change. Sociology develops a capacity for detailed observation of social patterns and behavior in groups, and encourages learners to become aware of and to think about daily life and activities from a variety of sociological perspectives. This study allows learners to harness key sociological frameworks to analyse social institutions, especially in contemporary Australian society. It can be a basis for formal study at a tertiary level or for vocational education and training settings. The study of Sociology can lead to employment in government and community organisations including, for example, cultural and community development, or work with minority and ethnic groups. It can lead to work in fields that address such issues as crime and substance abuse, youth and family matters, industrial relations, social justice and social issues related to health care. Sociology develops widely applicable skills in social research: developing surveys, collecting data, and conducting interviews and fieldwork, including the analysis, interpretation and presentation of the information collected.