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2017 — 2025
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This course was delivered in 2023. Use A-Z Courses to find the current version (if available).

This Modern History course enables learners to study the forces that have shaped today’s world and provides them with a broader and deeper comprehension of the world in which they live

The focus is on the 20th Century and 21st Century from the end of World War I (1917/18) until 2010. Learners are encouraged to make connections with the changing world to the present. Modern History enhances learners’ curiosity and imagination, and their appreciation of larger themes, individuals, movements, events and ideas that have shaped the contemporary world and key drivers of change including: political systems, ideologies; crises that challenged the stability of governments; national and global conflicts and their resolution; the transformation of social, political and economic life; and shifts in power. Learners will also be introduced to Post World War II history with a focus on one area of study from the Cold War; Australia’s engagement with key Asian nations; migration; and issues impacting on global peace and security. The Modern History course continues to develop the historical skills and understandings delivered in the Foundation to Year 10 History curriculum. Learners pose increasingly complex questions about the past and use their historical inquiry skills, analytical skills and interpretation of sources to formulate reasoned answers to those questions. Learners develop an increasingly sophisticated understanding of the different and sometimes conflicting perspectives of the past. Learners are introduced to the complexities associated with the changing nature of evidence, its contestability; the distinctive characteristics of modern historical representation; and the skills that are required to investigate controversial issues that have a powerful contemporary resonance. Learners develop increasingly sophisticated historiographical skills and historical understanding in their analysis of significant events and close study of the nature of modern societies.