TCE credit points
Course code
Course span
2017 — 2023
Reading and writing standard
Mathematics standard
Computers and internet standard
This course was delivered in 2022. Use A-Z Courses to find the current version (if available).

Student Directed Inquiry provides opportunities for learners to undertake research, solve problems, communicate ideas, and manage their workload and learning in a personalized, authentic, meaningful context

Through undertaking a transdisciplinary student directed inquiry, learners develop an understanding of: what constitutes quality research; the purpose of an effective inquiry question; and what constitutes an ethical, robust, disciplined and rational approach to gathering, interpreting and evaluating evidence. Living and learning in the 21st century demands a new set of skills. Information is being accessed, used and created in new ways. This is creating a heightened need for well-developed 21st century skills for learning, work and life. Student Directed Inquiry prepares learners for participation in an advanced knowledge economy in which globalisation, collaboration and automation are the norm. The skills learners develop in Student Directed Inquiry will be transferable to further education, employment and in living a fulfilling life. The inquiry product may also provide evidence as part of portfolio entry to university.