TCE credit points
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Course span
2016 — 2025
Reading and writing standard
Mathematics standard
Computers and internet standard
This course is current for 2024.

Design responds to human need by producing artefacts and solutions to enhance quality of life and user experience

Innovative solutions to real world problems are addressed through the use of a design process in the creation of designed objects in a range of fields. Social, economic and environmental benefits are derived from innovation and the creative use of technologies that contribute to the lives of individuals and to cultures and environments. The use of a design process when devising and producing solutions necessitates the application of a range of cognitive processes which are transferrable to contexts beyond the design realm, including business, engineering, social entrepreneurship and innovation in other sectors. Design and Production Level 2 develops design thinking, systems thinking and project implementation skills which typify contemporary design practice. Through an iterative and reflective approach, ideas are generated, tested and refined and the functional, environmental, economic, aesthetic, social and technological attributes of the design brief are considered. A range of technological skills are developed through the use of tools and equipment to transform materials to meet a need in areas such as furniture and homewares, clothing and fashion and tools and devices. Design and Production provides a basis of knowledge and skills for further education and employment in the fields of product design, fashion design, construction, architectural and project management.