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2017 — 2022
Reading and writing standard
Mathematics standard
Computers and internet standard
This course was delivered in 2021. Use A-Z Courses to find the current version (if available).

Music is an expression of human experience

As an aural art form, music encompasses performing, composing, listening, analysing and communication. Learners study elements of music with increasing depth and complexity. The study of music enhances the cognitive, affective, motor, social and personal skills of learners. Contemporary Music Level 2 provides a vehicle for learners to engage with and create music aligned with popular culture. Their creativity and originality are embraced and expanded through the acquisition of practical and applied music literacy skills. In Contemporary Music Level 2 learners engage in authentic learning experiences and build a relevant and meaningful context for their participation in the music community. They acquire skills in musical creativity, performance and collaboration as well as develop an understanding of recording processes, workplace safety and marketing.