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2017 — 2025
Reading and writing standard
Mathematics standard
Computers and internet standard
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The future of work for young Australians will be characterised by flexibility and continuous change in how, what and where they will work

Jobs created in the future will be different from those of the past. Routine jobs will be limited, and outsourcing, contract work and flexible work arrangements will be the norm. School leavers entering the workforce may expect to have up to 17 different jobs across 5 industry areas during their career and many may be roles that do not yet exist. There is an imperative to prepare young people for this new world of work and life- long learning in what is becoming an increasingly competitive and ever changing workplace. The skills and capabilities needed to prosper in this new, knowledge–focused world will differ from those of the past. This requires a set of non-technical employability skills such as planning, organising and decision-making that are transferable into a range of contexts. Employers throughout Australia have identified key areas young people need to focus in preparing for work. These include having more exposure to the world of work while at school, improved job search and application skills, being able to transfer skills from one context to another and developing positive attributes for the workplace such as responsibility and reliability. This course will help learners plan for their future, understand themselves in relation to work, and provide them with essential skills, knowledge and understandings they require for participation in the rapidly changing world of work. The course will also prepare learners for further education across a broad range of industry areas.