A full list of the endorsed exam centres can be seen below.  Other schools wishing to be considered as a new exam centre must write to the Executive Officer, TASC  by 31 July of the current year of delivery, outlining their response to the following criteria:

  • the travel time between the school where a student studies a course and the nearest established examination centre must be more than 45 minutes; or
  • the proposed examination centre must have at least 100 candidates sitting examinations at that centre across the nine day examination period. If one student sits four examinations over the nine day period, this student will be counted as four candidates.

Schools that do not meet the criteria for establishment as an examination centre but can provide valid reasons to support their establishment as one will be able to apply directly to the Executive Officer, TASC. If a case is deemed to have merit, TASC will approve the establishment of a school as a new examination centre. The decision will be reviewed at the end of the first examination period after establishment as a new examination centre.

This process will be applied across all school sectors.

Endorsed examination centres

  • Calvin Christian School
  • Circular Head Christian School
  • Claremont College
  • Don College
  • Elizabeth College
  • Fahan School
  • Guilford Young College
  • Hellyer College
  • Hobart College
  • Launceston Christian School
  • Launceston Church Grammar School
  • Launceston College
  • Leighland Christian School
  • Marist Regional College
  • Newstead College
  • Rosny College
  • Scotch Oakburn College
  • St Brendan Shaw College
  • St Helens District High School
  • St Michaels Collegiate School
  • St Mary’s College
  • St Patrick’s College
  • The Friends School
  • The Hutchins School
  • Ulverstone Secondary College

Each year in Term 3, TASC assigns all students undertaking written external assessment to their provider school exam centre (if endorsed) or to the nearest endorsed exam centre. Following this, TASC seeks clarification from schools to ensure that the assignment has been correct. Schools may submit a request on behalf of:

  1. Year 10 students undertaking TASC external assessment who would prefer to sit their exams at their feeder school
  2. Students who have a flexible learning arrangements and would prefer to sit their exams at their home school (if an endorsed exam centre) rather than provider school

After assessing submissions, TASC updates student records to reflect their exam centre changes and alerts the schools.

Students will receive a Notice of Enrolment form in October with information about where they will sit their TCE exams.

If you can’t get to a regular exam centre (for example, you are interstate or overseas) it may be possible to set up a special centre at a suitable venue.

You must apply before 1 July of the year of assessment using the Request for Special Examination Centre form.

The cost of setting up a special exam centre, including administration and exam supervision fees, must be covered by the student.

Contact us for more information.