All schools and colleges that offer the following courses must submit required materials for TASC verification by the dates indicated below.

Work Readiness Level 2 – By March each year (please see the TASC Events Calendar for the specific date) course providers will send to TASC:

Materials should be submitted to TASC via the TRACS portal.

a) a copy of the provider’s scope and sequence documentation (the planning documentation for delivery and assessment) for this course. Delivery and assessment may be included in a single document, or a separate assessment matrix may be used.

b) evidence of time allocation for the discrete delivery and assessment of the course.

For more information see the Quality Assurance tab in the course document.

Student Directed Inquiry Level 3 – By 28 February each year course providers will send to TASC a Learning Design for TASC approval.

For more information see the Learning Design tab in the course document.

Project Implementation Level 2 – Project Implementation Learning Designs will be developed by providers and submitted to TASC for approval. If the course is being delivered from the start of Term 1, the designs must be sent to TASC no later than 20 February. If delivery of the size value 5 course starts at other times during the year, designs need to be approved prior to the start of teaching and learning.

Note: a separate Learning Design is needed for each distinct project.

The Learning Design template is available for download via the ‘Supporting Documents’ tab in the course document. TASC will undertake audits of providers’ course delivery and assessment, including checks of specific learner projects against approved Learning Designs. Audits will be scheduled by TASC using a risk-based approach.