The terms ‘packaging’ and ‘bundling’ are sometimes used to describe school-based methods for presenting multiple courses to a learner. For example, a number of related short courses might be ‘packaged’ together so as to sit on a 150 hour timetable line, or a course provider might choose to present students with a number of individual courses ‘bundled together’ as a set (e.g., math, English and life-skills courses might be presented in a school’s publication to learners as ‘Studies for Life’).

While such flexibility in how TASC courses are presented to learners is acceptable, TASC’s expectations regarding the explicit and distinct delivery and assessment of each individual course in such a ‘package’ or ‘bundle’ remain. For each of the individual courses there must be:

  • scope and sequence documentation that shows the contents of the course has been/will be explicitly addressed via teaching and learning activities (also showing relationships between the courses where necessary) and associated, course-specific assessment matrixes
  • distinct assessment tasks (including all work requirements) for each course in the set
  • course-specific assessment records
  • attendance records that clearly showed which course was being undertaken.

Learners must be enrolled in each specific course with TASC, and final reporting to TASC must include the official course name / code and final ratings that directly reflect student achievement against the criteria standards of each specific course.