As per the TASC Registration Policy, all schools and other education providers that intend to deliver TASC accredited courses, and require TASC to issue formal qualifications, must register with TASC each year.

The registration process is outlined below:

Schools and other education providers that intend to deliver TASC accredited courses, and require TASC to issue formal qualifications, must register with TASC each year.

Schools register through the TRACS portal.
Only a school principal or principal’s delegate is able to register the school within the TRACS portal.

How to register your school guide available on the TRACS help portal.

To meet TASC requirements, schools must:

The Provider Standards set clear and measurable requirements for all Tasmanian schools, colleges and other entities registered to deliver and assess TASC-accredited senior secondary courses. Both a general information sheet and a detailed document unpacking the Provider Standards for schools and learners have been developed.

Schools not delivering TASC accredited courses are not required to register. This includes when an enrolled student attends another delivery school to participate in a TASC accredited course. The delivery school will inform TASC of the students’ TASC course enrolments.

The TASC school scope is a list of ALL TASC accredited courses being delivered and assessed at the school in the current year of registration. This includes all pre level to level 4 TASC accredited courses.

Each year, following confirmation of provider registration, providers submit (via TRACS) a list of ALL the TASC accredited courses being delivered at the school in the current year of registration. This includes TASC-accredited ‘other education’ courses Preliminary to Level 1, and TASC-accredited senior secondary courses – Level 1 to Level 4. It also includes each individual course that has been ‘packaged’ or ‘bundled’ into a set by a school.

How to submit the TASC School Scope guide available on the TRACS help portal. 

Note, the following are not included in the course scope:

Note that TASC accredited senior secondary courses are designed for study by learners after the completion of Year 10. The F-10 Australian Curriculum, as authorised by the Ministerial Council, is the curriculum that is taught pre-Year 11. In special cases, and as extensions (not replacement) to the F-10 Australian Curriculum, TASC will consider requests to deliver and assess accredited courses to Year 10 students.

When your school registers to provide TASC accredited courses, the principal must appoint a staff member as the TASC Liaison Officer (TLO). The TLO ensures the school complies with all TASC policies, procedures and reporting requirements; and facilitates communication between your school and TASC.

View more information about the TLO role.

Each year in February, Catholic and Independent schools are asked to provide staff, class and student information to TASC using spreadsheet templates which are emailed directly to schools. These templates include the school’s staff, classes and students from the previous year (excluding year 12 students from the previous year).

  1. Using the TRACS Staff template, schools provide information about ALL senior secondary staff in the school expected to interact with TASC. This includes senior secondary teachers (including those teaching TASC accredited courses), the Principal and Assistant Principal, TASC Liaison Officers and other staff.
  2. Using the TRACS Class template, schools provide information about staff teaching TASC accredited. This will enable teachers to login to TRACS to enter student internal results, upload folios and communicate with TASC.
  3. Using the TRACS Student template, schools provide student details such as personal information, year level and classes enrolled. This includes:
    • Year 10, 11, 12 and 13 students enrolled at the school.
    • Students from other schools (i.e. School B) doing TASC accredited courses at your school (i.e. School A). This means that School A should provide information about School B students undertaking courses at School A).
    • Any other enrolled students undertaking TASC accredited courses.

In all cases, if you DONT have data to add into a field, then leave the column in the spreadsheet blank.

Please do not enter classes details for:

    • International Baccalaureate Diploma courses (results are reported by IB International)
    • Courses which students are undertaking at a different delivery school (i.e. Catholic School A would not include the class code for their students attending courses at Catholic School B – the class code data is to be provided to TASC by Catholic School B).
    • CCAFL courses
    • University Connections Program and Higher Achievement Program courses (enrolments and results are reported directly to TASC by the University of Tasmania).
    • Vocational education and training (VET) units (results are reported directly to TASC quarterly by individual Registered training organisations delivering training to Tasmanian clients).


  • Further changes can be made in TRACS by schools throughout the year.
  • Government schools must continue to use Edupoint for staff and students updates (they will not be using TRACS).
  • Where two (or more) schools have enrolled a student, TASC will assign home schools primarily based on which school the student has a Home Group at. This information should be entered in the spreadsheet template.
  • Catholic and Independent high schools not delivering TASC accredited courses need to provide the TRACS student template for their grade 10 students (as per Step 4.).

Using an excel spreadsheet sent by TASC, all non-registered, non-government schools outline their Year 10 student enrolments. This data assists with Direct Continuation reporting.

TASC requires ALL students studying one or more TASC accredited courses to check and sign a new Registration Form each year, declaring they are aware of, and will comply with, all relevant TASC requirements.

The requirements are outlined in:

  1. The TASC Authenticity and Academic Integrity Guide (
  2. The TASC External Assessment Rules (

If the student is under 18 years old they should discuss these documents with their parent, guardian or carer.

Pre-printed Registration Forms for each student are sent to schools mid-year.

TASC will not accept and certify student results if they do not complete the Registration Form.  For this reason, schools should ensure that all students complete the Registration Form (this includes students with illness or attendance issues).

TASC provides schools with spare Registration Forms for students who have recently moved to the school. For this reason, students who have withdrawn from a school do not need to complete the Registration Form at that school, but must do so at their new school.

Students who have withdrawn from school do not need to complete a Registration Form but schools will need to update the student enrolment status in EduPoint or the CMS.

Unsigned Registration Forms will be returned by TASC to the school.

Students must check their Registration Form for accuracy. Any amendments to name, address or date of birth should be made on the form by the student then updated by the TASC Liaison Officer in the relevant systems before returning the signed forms to TASC. TASC will not make the changes.

  • Government schools – please ensure that EduPoint is updated with any changes (including enrolment status – withdrawn)
  • Non-Government schools – please ensure that the CMS is updated with any changes (including enrolment status – withdrawn).

Government school student enrolment data is maintained in Edupoint.

When students withdraw from a non-government school:

  • The school deletes the student’s enrolments in each course in the CMS.
  • The school informs TASC, providing the student name, TASC ID and school they have moved to.
  • TASC updates the school enrolment record and informs EPR to ensure that the student is not listed as LEFT in the records until rollover the following year.

When students arrive at a non-government school mid-year:

  • The school informs TASC, providing the student name, TASC ID (if available) and school they have moved from.
  • TASC updates the school enrolment record and informs EPR to ensure that the student is listed in the new school records.

When Tasmanian students arrive at a new school:

  • Schools can only see student information once the students are registered against the new school by TASC at the start of the year (April 2019) or throughout the year when TASC is alerted to a change of school.
  • Until students are registered by TASC at the new school, schools should contact the previous school to discuss the transition.

When students at a non-government school change their name:

  • The school verifies the name change and informs TASC, providing the student’s old and new names and TASC ID.
  • TASC updates the student record and informs EPR to ensure that the student is listed correctly.

When home-schooled students change their name:

  • Students not at a school must notify TASC of a name change. Students must write to the TASC Executive Officer ( and provide their old and new names and TASC ID. A copy of the certificate of change of name or passport (with the new name) must be provided. Alternatively both parents named on the student’s birth certificate can provide TASC with a copy of their photo ID and written consent for the name change.

Each year TASC collects from schools a fee for each full-fee paying international student (500 Visa) enrolled in one or more TASC senior secondary courses.

Please see our fees and charges web page for more information.

The pathway planning standard of the Tasmanian Certificate of Education requires students to develop a pathway plan during Year 10 and review their progress before they finish their senior secondary education and training.