We can provide copies of the following results:

Senior secondary results

*  From 2016 you must achieve your TCE to be eligible for an ATAR. People finishing prior to 1996 will need to contact the University to discuss entry requirements.

Year 10 results

TASC only holds a record of Year 10 results prior to 2004 inclusive. If you completed Year 10 in 2004 or before, you may submit a Replacement Certification Application to TASC for a Qualification Certificate and we can provide you with this information.

  • School Certificate – Year 10 (1969 – 1991)
  • Schools Board Certificate – Year 10 (1946 – 1968)
  • Year 10 Results (1992 – 2003)
  • VET Results (if the results have been provided to us from the registered training organisation). Note the Year 10 VET results are presented in the Qualification Certificate not in a stand alone Certificate outlining achievements in one VET course.
  • Statement of results

From 2005 onwards if you attended a non-government school, you will need to contact the school you attended for your Year 10 results.

TASC does not hold, and cannot replace school reports.

Order replacement results

Please use the Application for replacement certificate form

All applications must be completed and signed with one copy of photographic identification (such as a driver’s licence or passport) attached and payment included. For electronic applications these can be scanned and attached to the application.

People ordering a Qualifications Certificate also receive an ATAR statement for no additional cost.

Please note: if you have changed your name, you must provide formal documentation of that name change, ie a marriage certificate or deed poll certificate.

Please also note: there is a three week period towards the end of the year, just before results are released in mid-December, when TASC is unable to provide current students with replacement Qualification Certificates.


The fee for replacement results is $15.80 (5–10 working days) or $63.20 (24 hour priority processing)

Fees can be paid by cash (in person only) or by cheque/money order (in person or through Australia Post) or credit/debit card online.