About the TCEA

The Tasmanian Certificate of Educational Achievement (TCEA) is a quality assured certificate issued by TASC to eligible students at the end of their senior secondary studies. Watch the video What is the TCEA?

The TCEA is designed for students for whom certificates such as the Tasmanian Certificate of Education and the Qualifications Certificate do not provide an adequately just and fair account of their participation and achievements in their senior secondary years.

Eligibility Requirements
A student is eligible to apply for the TCEA at the end point of senior secondary schooling
(Year 12 or Year 13) when they meet at least one of the following eligibility criteria:

  • where personal circumstances and/or family circumstances and/or trauma related experiences have had a significant impact on learning or caused difficulties in learning.
  • where an impairment, disability and/or condition impacts upon one or more aspects of their learning.

Supporting Evidence
The supporting evidence provided may be a Learning Plan (IEP) or a school statement.

To view more information on the TCEA process, see our TCEA Guidelines.

How to Apply

  • 2021 TCEA Key Dates
    Applications for the TCEA in 2021 open Monday 22 March and close on Friday 2 July.
  • Application forms
    Applications must be made via the TCEA application form and submitted via  TRACS.
    TCEA Application Form 

For detailed instructions and a step-by-step guide to submitting an application for the TCEA, please see our page How to lodge a TCEA application.

Schools will be notified of application approvals via TRACS in August.

How to submit the descriptive text for approved TCEA applicants

Once an application has been approved by TASC, schools begin compiling information on each student in readiness for the descriptive text that will appear on the student’s Certificate.

A template will be provided to schools when the application process has been finalised.

The completed draft descriptive text for each approved applicant should be uploaded via TRACS by 15 October.

If you have further enquiries, please contact TASC.

TCEA Certificate: Example