To achieve the Tasmanian Certificate of Education (TCE) you must show that you meet the five standards of the TCE.

Students can show that they meet the everyday adult standards by gaining a ‘Satisfactory Achievement/Pass’ award (or better) in identified TASC accredited senior secondary courses. Alternatively they can take the Everyday adult standard safety net tests to achieve the standards:

  • Everyday adult reading and writing in English
  • Everyday adult mathematics
  • Everyday adult use of computers and the internet.

Passing an Everyday adult standards safety net test does not give you credit points that contribute to meeting the participation and achievement standard of the TCE, however, it does provide you with the relevant everyday adult standard.

All tests can be sat as paper-based tests. The Everyday adult use of computers and the internet standard safety net test can also be taken as an online test in August or November. View key dates for details.

Each test takes about 90 minutes to complete. Please contact your current or previous school as they have agreed to host tests on behalf of students.

Please note:

  • safety net tests will be available to students no earlier than Term 4 of Year 11.
  • a student may not re-sit the same safety net test type within a three month period without permission from TASC.
  • There may be a cost involved, please refer to schools for further details.
  • the online version of the Everyday adult use of computers and the internet standard safety net test is free.

Special provisions for everyday adult standards tests

For students with disabilities who require special test provisions you should discuss with your school TASC Liaison Officer to organise this at least three months prior to a test. We will make reasonable adjustments, which may include providing large font size papers, and allowing the use of approved electronic input/output devices. The degree of difficulty of questions and test pass mark will not be lowered.

The schools listed below are TASC approved testing centres. These centres set their own fees and eligibility guidelines.

  • Calvin Christian School
  • Circular Head Christian School
  • Claremont College
  • Don College
  • Elizabeth College
  • Guilford Young College
  • Hellyer College
  • Hobart College
  • Launceston Christian School
  • Launceston Church Grammar School
  • Launceston College
  • Leighland Christian School
  • Marist Regional College
  • Newstead College
  • Rosny College
  • Scotch Oakburn College
  • Smithton High School
  • St Brendan Shaw College
  • St Helens District High School
  • St Michaels Collegiate School
  • St Mary’s College
  • St Patrick’s College
  • The Fahan School
  • The Friends School
  • The Hutchins School

TASC is not currently holding any Standards Tests at the office. If you wish to sit a test, please contact your local test centre.

Schools must register to become a test centre to deliver safety net tests.