Registered training organisations (RTO’s) are required to provide TASC with a record of student’s results and attainment each quarter. If this does not occur or if the RTO has ceased, you may apply to have this data uploaded manually.

Apply to add a recognised qualification using the Application to add a Recognised Qualification form.

This form will require you to provide a certified copy of your results.

Once your application is complete, you may wish to request a Qualification Certificate for a record of all results including the newly uploaded data through the Replacement Certificate Application form. VET qualifications and recognised formal learning may also attract TCE Credit Points. See the TCE Course Planner for more information.

Certified Copies – These are copies which have been compared with the original and endorsed as a true copy by a public officer or Justice of the Peace certified in Australia. If signed by a Justice of the Peace, the copy must include their Justice of the Peace identification number and signature on the copy. If certified by a public officer, the copy must include their full name, position title and signature.