Read the information below to find out how we can help you with any queries about your results.

All queries about results must be submitted to TASC using the results queries form.

The results you receive will depend on which year of study you have completed.

Year 10 students studying TASC senior secondary courses

  • Statement of Results which shows the awards received for the year and information about your progress towards achieving the TCE.

Year 11 students

Year 12 students

To receive the TCE you need to achieve all five standards:

• 120 credit points with 80 credit points at TASC Level 2 and above

• Everyday adult standard – computers and the internet

• Everyday adult standard – literacy

• Everyday adult standard – numeracy

• Submit a Transition Plan (previously called a Pathway Plan)

Check how many credit points you have already achieved and speak with your school about how you can earn more credit points towards your TCE. You can continue to add credit points in future years including vocational education and training and TASC accredited courses. Your TCE will automatically be issued to you when you have achieved all required standards.

Everyday adult standards test

If you need any of three everyday adult standards you can sit a supplementary safety net test to achieve the standard. Please contact your local college to arrange a test sitting date.


Use the form below to request a review of your results records.

Queries about missing results are only accepted using the online form.

Results queries form


Use the form below to request an ATAR Statement.

All other queries about university entrance should be directed to the University of Tasmania

Queries about ATAR statements are only accepted using the online form.

Results queries form


Requests to raise any other matters related to individual exams and external assessment results must be submitted to TASC by Wednesday 31 January  in the year following the exam or assessment.

Queries about results will only be accepted using the online form.

Results queries form


Applications to inspect written exam materials are no longer being accepted. Before 31 January a request to inspect your written exam material could be made if you believed there had been a procedural error.

  • Year 12 and 13 students submitted formal applications before 3 January 2018 for the first round of inspections, held at regional centres.
    • Hobart, TASC Offices – Wednesday 10 January 2018
    • Launceston, Launceston LINC – Thursday 11 January 2018
    • Devonport, Devonport LINC – Friday 12 January 2018
  • Year 11 students (and Year 12 and 13 students who did not apply in the first round) submitted formal applications by 31 January 2018 for the second round of inspections, to be held in mid-February 2018, at the schools students attended .

Students were required to complete the results queries form and pay the associated costs.

All work that is required to be externally assessed at schools and colleges will remain at the relevant school until the external assessment process is complete.


There was a fee of $15.00 per exam for a 30 minute inspection.

Applications to inspect exams were only accepted via the results queries form.

Students can bring one person with them to the inspection, ideally a person with expertise in the relevant course.

Practical courses

Inspections were not available for practical based courses, such as Art Production, Art Studio Practice, Theatre Performance, or Student Directed Inquiry subjects with practical-based components, such as Drama and Dance Choreography and Performance. However, an internal administrative review of your assessment could be conducted.

For more details visit the important information about inspections of written examination material page.

Students could request a copy of their written exam material and folios.  Applications closed on 30 April 2018.

A copy of the material will provided after the end of June 2018.

All external assessment materials will be destroyed at the end of June in the year following the exam or external assessment unless retained by TASC for quality control purpose or returned to candidates who have requested a copy before the 31 January 2018.


There is a fee of $15.00 per exam.


Your Qualifications Certificate can be updated as you gain more qualifications.

If you meet the requirements to achieve your TCE, it will be issued to you automatically.



Order a new certificate or copy of your qualifications here



Information about scaled course data is available on the data page of our website.