At the end of the year TASC reviews your internal and external assessment results (where  applicable), and issues you with the qualifications you have achieved.  The results you receive will depend on a range of factors, including the year of study you have just completed.

Year 10 students studying TASC senior secondary courses

Year 11 students

Year 12 students

Additional information

View information on replacement results and certificates


You may apply to inspect your written and folio examination materials if you believe there has been a procedural error. Note, TASC does not remark written exams.

Please use the Results Queries form to raise any matters related to individual exams and external assessment results, including:

  • Some of the courses I studied do not show in my results.

You can request a copy of your written assessment materials before 26 April 2019. A fee applies and the copy of the material will provided after the end of June 2019.

All external assessment materials will be destroyed at the end of June in the year following the exam or external assessment unless retained by TASC for quality control purpose or returned to candidates who have requested a copy.


Missing recognised formal learning qualifications (e.g. AMEB and St Cecilia School of Music) can be added to your Qualification Certificate by completing the application to add a recognised qualification form.

Repeating courses

A course will contribute to your TCE if you achieve an award of a Preliminary Achievement (PA) or above.  If you repeat a course and you achieve a PA or above for the course both times, TCE points corresponding with that course will be awarded twice, and will contribute to your TCE both times.

You cannot use the same course twice in the calculation of your ATAR. If you repeat a Level 3 or 4 course, the higher score is used, unless the original score has been used in a previous calculation. More information about ATAR calculations can be found on the University of Tasmania’s website.

Everyday adult standards

To meet the Everyday adult standards for reading and writing in English, mathematics and use of computers and the internet you must achieve a Satisfactory Achievement (SA) or above in TASC accredited senior secondary courses that meet the standards. The individual course webpages specify which standards can be achieved.

Internal assessment

You will be assessed on your courses by your teacher during the year. The assessments depend on the course you are studying, and are outlined in the course information in the TCE course planner.

Scaling information

Information about scaled course data is available on our data web page.