The results statement and certificates you receive will depend on a range of factors, including what year of study you have just completed. 

Your Statement of Results shows the results of all courses for the year and information about your progress towards achieving the Tasmanian Certificate of Education (TCE). 

Depending on your achievements, Year 12 and Year 13 students might receive one, two or three certificates. 

Year 10 students  (studying TASC senior secondary courses) 

Year 11 students 

Year 12 and Year 13 students 

See Qualifications and certificates for more information about the Qualifications Certificate (QC), Tasmanian Certificate of Education (TCE) and Tasmanian Certificate of Educational Achievement (TCEA). 

The awards you could receive for a TASC accredited course are: 

  • Preliminary Achievement 
  • Satisfactory Achievement 
  • Commendable Achievement
  • High Achievement 
  • Exceptional Achievement. 

For Vocational Education and Training: 

  • courses – Competent or Not Competent 
  • qualifications – Achieved. 

Your final award for a TASC accredited course is determined by TASC from the internal assessment ratings and external assessment ratings (where applicable) that you achieve. How many ratings there are for each course, and how many are from internal assessment and external assessment is detailed on the Course page for each course under “Award Requirements”. 

A course will contribute to your Tasmanian Certificate of Education (TCE) if you achieve an award of Preliminary Achievement (PA) or higher. The number of TCE credit points for each course is listed on the Course page for each course. 

Internal assessment 

Your teacher for each course assesses your achievement during the year. The number and type of internal assessments depend on the course you are studying, and are outlined on the Course page for the course under “Work Requirements”. 

External assessment 

Only Level 3 and 4 courses have external assessment requirements. These may be a written or oral exam, folio, project work, practical or display assessment. These courses are externally assessed by TASC markers. External assessment details are outlined on the Course page for each course under “External Assessment Requirements”. 

Derived exam ratings 

Derived exam ratings are used to determine your external assessment results, if it is accepted that you are sick or experience an emergency and can’t attend your exam (in whole or in part). You need to apply to receive derived exam ratings. See the information sheet about Student Results using Derived Exam Ratings. 

You can use the Results Query form to raise any matters related to your results. The FAQs for students on your results may answer your query.

Please do not send multiple queries. We receive a large volume of queries when results are issued and will respond as quickly as possible.

You can also request an appointment to inspect your written exam papers and/or order a copy of your written exam papers (see details at Request to inspect/order copies of your written exams’ below). 

University entrance queries 

Entry requirements to university vary by course and by university. 

TASC does not oversee university entrance or the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR)The University of Tasmania (as the Tasmanian Tertiary Admissions Centre) determines what courses can be counted towards your ATAR. 

See University entrance and Understanding the ATAR for more information. 

You can use these options to view your marked written exam papers: 

  • Request for Inspection of Written Exams form to inspect your written exam at an appointment in regional centres or schools. There is a fee of $16.50 for a 30 minute inspection appointment for each exam. See Inspections of written exam material for the application deadlines and inspections timetable. 
  • Request for Copy of Written Exams form for a copy of your written exam to be returned to you. There is a fee of $16.50 for each exam. Copies are provided in the first week of July and you must apply before the end of April in the year following your exam. 

You cannot request a remark of your written exam papers, but if you feel there could be an administrative or procedural error (such the number of marks allocated weren’t added up correctly or that some of the material wasn’t marked) you can use the inspection process to check. 

If there is a clear process error it will be corrected, and you will receive information about the changes applied as well as any revised results documents (where applicable). 

If you just want to see the exam paper, all written exam papers are published online within three working days of that exam. Go to the specific Course page and select “Supporting documents including external assessment material”. 

You can have your Qualifications Certificate updated as you gain more qualifications throughout your life. You can also add any other recognised formal learning by completing the Application to add a recognised qualification. 

While the Tasmanian Certificate or Education (TCE) is primarily designed for those completing the senior secondary stage of education and training, there are no time restrictions on when you can be issued the TCE; it is a lifelong qualification. This means that if you complete further learning you can be issued with the TCE. 

For information about recognising results from interstate and overseas, see: 

Results are posted to all students (including if you register for emailed results). 

If you don’t want to wait for the post, you can register to receive your results by email: 

Your emailed results include extra information about your results, including the ratings you achieved for each criterion (both internal and external). 

The Student Newsletter is sent to all students with their results. 

See TASC key dates for all key dates.

2020 external assessments

  • 3 January – Applications close for first-round requests to inspect 2020 written exams  (Year 12 and 13 students only). 
  • 6-8 January – Inspections of 2020 written exam material at regional centres (Year 12 and 13 students only). 
  • 9 February – Applications close for second-round requests to inspect 2020 written exam material (all students who did not submit a firstround request). 
  • 15-26 February – Inspections of 2020 written exam material at schools (Year 11, 12 and 13 students). 
  • 30 April – Applications close for requests for a copy of 2020 written exams to be returned to you.  
  • 5 July – Copies of 2020 written exams posted to students who have requested a copy of their written exam/s.

2021 external assessments

  • 8-18 November – Written exam period
  • 15 December – Results released