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The 2019 Written Exam Timetable is now available.

If you have two exams at the same time your school will contact you with alternative arrangements in Term 4 to ensure you can sit both exams.

Students who have enrolled in a Collaborative Curriculum and Assessment Framework for Languages (CCFAL) course will also have an external assessment. The 2019 CCAFL timetable is now available.

2019 CCAFL Oral Exam Instructions

TASC Level 3 and Level 4 courses include an externally assessed component which is managed by TASC. External assessment may be a written exam, oral assessment, practical assessment, a folio or project.

View the important external assessment dates for 2019.

All students taking external exams must follow the same rules. View the external assessment rules here.

The Authenticity and academic integrity guide provides information on how you are to reference (cite) other people’s information, images, ideas or words used in your work and what you must do to show which parts of the work you hand in for assessment are yours, and which parts you have got from other people’s work.

All students are expected to observe the highest standards of honesty and integrity in the work they submit for assessment: this is called academic integrity.

It is fine to use other people’s information, images, ideas or words (including material you get from the internet) in your own work but you must be clear and open about what you have used, whose material it was and where you got it from.

The use of a wide range of sources of information shows that you have undertaken good preparation and study. External markers reading or viewing your work must be able to clearly see what parts of it are your own work, and what parts you have used from other people’s work, and where you got the information.

If you hand in work that is not all your own work and you do not reference it appropriately, this is called plagiarism, which is a form of cheating.

If you are caught cheating, you risk the cancellation of your external results and possibly all of your results for the year, for both internally and externally assessed subjects.

Students can apply for special provisions to ensure fair and equitable opportunities in external assessment. A range of provisions are available to eligible applicants based on identified need. Applications must be submitted to TASC by the end of Term 2 each year.

Students do not need to apply for special provisions to take an asthma inhaler into an exam. Students need to place the inhaler in a clear zip-lock bag labelled with their name and TASC ID number and hand it to the Supervisor Coordinator before the exam commences.

If you are sick or experience an emergency and can’t attend your exam, you can apply to have derived exam ratings applied to your results. Please see the Student Exam Guide to understand how and when you can apply.

Each year in October, a Notice of Enrolment is issued to all candidates undertaking TASC accredited courses. This is printed on pink paper and MUST be taken to each exam.

The Notice of Enrolment has information about where you will sit each Level 3 or 4 TCE exam, including written, oral and practical exams. Usually this will be at your school or another exam centre nearby.

Students who have a timetable clash, are advised of their individual examination timetable changes on their Notice of Enrolment.

If you do not have a correct Notice of Enrolment prior to exams, you will need to speak with your TASC Liaison Officer who will print you a new one (preferably on pink paper).

If you do not have your Notice of Enrolment on the day of an exam, you will need to contact your TASC Liaison Officer (unless otherwise directed by your school) who will print a new one. You will not be given extra time for your exam to compensate for the time spent getting a new Notice of Enrolment.

Exam papers are available for all current courses. To access exam papers, go to the courses page and select your course.  Then scroll down and click the tab called supporting documents including external assessment material.

As TASC courses have typically been accredited for a five year period, a maximum of five exam papers are provided. For those courses recently accredited, exam papers from the previous course have been made available.

If you can’t get to a regular exam centre (for example, you are interstate or overseas) it may be possible to set up a special centre at a suitable venue.

You can view information about exam centres and requesting a special exam centre here.

Information for exam day:

  • Your TASC ID is used to identify your external assessment material. Your name must not appear on any exam paper, folio, display or other work submitted for external assessment.
  • You must bring your Notice of Enrolment to every exam.
  • All TCE exams are designed to give you the first 15 minutes to read the exam paper.
  • View information about what you can take to your exam.
  • External assessment rules apply to all students.