There are minor exam layout improvements to the 2021 written exams, including adjustments to the exam cover page and a ‘Guide to the Exam Structure’ quick reference table on the inside cover. There is also a marking bar (in exam booklets were students record their answers in the booklet) for markers to record the marks awarded.


2021 Exams – Front Pages

We have published the front page and the Guide to the Exam Structure table for the 2021 exam papers (below) so students can become familiar with the new cover layout before they sit their exam.

If you have any questions about your exam, please talk with your teacher. See Preparing for exams for general information about getting ready for end-of-year exams.

Written Exams
Morning ExamsAfternoon Exams
Monday 8 NovemberChemistry (CHM415115) 

Media Production (MED315117) 

Studies of Religion (REL315116)
Computer Graphics and Design (CGD315118)

English Literature (ENL315114)
Tuesday 9 NovemberEnglish (ENG315117)Australia in Asia and the Pacific (AAP315116) 

Music (MSM315120) 

Outdoor Leadership (OXP315118)
Wednesday 10 NovemberAncient History (ANH315117) 

Mathematics Methods (MTM415117)
Housing and Design (HDS315118) 

Psychology (BHP315116)
Thursday 11 NovemberAccounting (ACC315116) 

Modern History (HSM315117)
General Mathematics (MTG315120)
Friday 12
Geography (GGY315120) 

Mathematics Methods – Foundation (MTM315117)
Drama (SDD315120) 

Electronics (ELT315114)
French (FRN315114)
Health Studies (HLT315118)
Italian (ITN315114)
Monday 15 NovemberEconomics (ECN315116) 

Environmental Science (ESS315118)
Physical Sciences (PSC315118) 

Technical Graphics (TEG315120)
Tuesday 16 NovemberFood and Nutrition (FDN315118) 

Japanese (JPN315114) 

Mathematics Specialised (MTS415118)
Business Studies (BST315116) 

Computer Science (ITC315118)
Wednesday 17 NovemberBiology (BIO315116) 

Information Systems and Digital Technology (ITS315118)
Chinese (CHN315114) 

Philosophy (PHL315118)
Sports Science (SPT315118)
Thursday 18 NovemberLegal Studies (LST315117) 

Physics (PHY415115)
English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EAL315120) 

German (GRM315114) 

Sociology (BHS315116)